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Trolls Made-Up White Supremacy Story About Florida Shooter, Mainstream Media Took the Bait
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Trolls Made-Up White Supremacy Story About Florida Shooter, Mainstream Media Took the Bait

By Mundilfury |

On Wednesday 14 February 2018, Nikolas Cruz gained entry to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and opened fire with an automatic weapon. His rampage left 17 people dead and more than a dozen injured in one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history.

The accusatory partisanship began almost instantaneously as mainstream media (MSM) outlets, individual reporters, and various Leftist social media users began to hurl ad hominem invective at their enemies. The young people who were brutally murdered were still where they’d fallen; casualty figures hadn’t even been confirmed when ideologically driven reporters were ready to pin this horrific mass shooting on their favorite scapegoats.

This overzealousness on behalf of the MSM was predictable.  Something anonymous 4chan users, alt-right meme war veterans, and tech-savvy nationalists were counting on. They decided that they would once again expose the colluding MSM’s ideological fervour, their deceit, their lack of professionalism, their failure to do basic journalistic research, and above all: their callousness.  

With characteristic deftness powered by a mix of mischievousness, trolling acumen, cunning, autism, and a genuine sense of justice, anons and discord meme-soldiers convinced a huge swath of the MSM that Cruz was in fact a white supremacist and a member of the Republic of Florida Militia.

These are just some of the MSM outlets that ran with the Hispanic-white-supremacist-militia-member narrative without substantiating things further: Time, The Daily Beast, Salon, The ADL, The Hill, and Heavy.

Here is how the troll was executed:

Additional detail about how the MSM was duped can be found in this Red State piece:

Henrik comment: We don't know the motive of the shooter yet. In the court of public opinion we want answers QUICK. The most noticeable lesson we need to learn from this, is how quick it goes for people to seek a scapegoat and a group or ideology that they want to damage, publicly. They want to shift the blame to the ideology that they hate, and they have no respect for the truth.

In this case there is no bigger villain than the media. Who immediately started to report unconfirmed rumors, because it fits their agenda!

This was a brilliant trolling campaign by those who sought to expose the media for the opportunists that they are.

This is why we can't trust the mainstream media. They have no principles, they are just out to spin stories their way, in order to steer people politically and ideologically into a specific direction.

They LIE, they make things up, they don't cross reference and they only care about releasing information FIRST ...about how bad and dangerous Right-Wing nationalist and Identitarians are. Islamic terrorism? Forget about that, they come out in support of them after EVERY Islamic terrorist attack. No, they want to blame WHITE MEN! We are the real terrorists.

On the few occasions I have had first hand experiences with the press and mainstream media - where I personally know the truth of the story, because I have been involved - they have EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. gotten the major details wrong. They have either lied, misunderstood (due to poor research) or spun nothing into something, for their own gain and for their own agenda. They fail every time. They never get it right - due to incompetence or complicity. This is why people are beginning to hate them. We can't trust them.

In the wake of this tragedy, a perfect opportunity arose to expose the bias of the media and some good people seized on that. Well done!

The conclusion is that the media are comprised of a bunch of untrustworthy liars, that only care about driving the consensus and mass culture further to benefit the cultural Marxist left.

Objective reporting is sadly a distant memory for those old enough to remember it. The important thing to keep focused on is to counter their agenda and we have to call them out on their lies.

This is why we believe the work we do at Red Ice is important. Because we offer a "counter weight" and new fresh perspective to a stale old agenda driven media, that is controlled by an internationalists/globalists clique.

It's high time for the alternative media to replace the dying old information institutions. There is hope, these dinosaurs are getting weaker each year. CNN for example are laying off dozens of people and New York times are firing hundreds of "journalists". Just to mention two recent examples that come to mind. But more importantly, they are beginning to really loose credibility in people's eyes.

So support independent media and alternative outlets such as ours. We are going to be an important component in helping to change people's minds and be there to provide accurate information about what really is happening, in order to take back our culture and our countries from the propagandists, manipulators and predators that have stolen the minds of our people.

There will be more of these kinds of events and the battle for our culture, for the future of our countries and our people is just beginning.



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