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Trump's Amnesty Would Prove Disastrous
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Trump's Amnesty Would Prove Disastrous


Last year, President Trump promised that the days of people coming here illegally to get citizenship are over. Well, now those days are only beginning and will continue in perpetuity. Trump is in the process of building an open border, and the American citizen will pay for it in the form of crime, welfare, education, health care, and a permanent Democrat majority in Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

After selling us out, not just last night with his Pelosi meeting but for the past two weeks of messaging on immigration, Trump is now trying to repair his status with the base on Twitter. After all, Twitter has become his go-to forum to hide his true policy outcomes and keep the base happy with political morphine. Yet his defensive statements are even more offensive to conservatives than the original reports.

There are no words to describe how offensive these pathetic straw-men talking points have been to conservatives for over a decade. We’ve been fighting this false narrative for years, and Trump was elected precisely because people were tired of Jeb Bush acolytes suggesting illegal aliens, on net, are better than Americans and not a fiscal, cultural, and security drain on America.

Within just a few months, Trump has not only adopted the policies of the Left, he has mastered their parlance, focus, false dichotomies, perverted sense of priorities, and straw-men arguments with a downright eerie degree of precision.

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