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US Incites War, Causes “Refugees”
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US Incites War, Causes “Refugees”


The Obama administration has given “immediate temporary amnesty” to over 8,000 “Syrians” currently in America, citing the “ongoing war” in Syria—ignoring the fact that the U.S. support for the “rebels” is one of the single biggest causes of that war.

According to an announcement by Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, the Department of Homeland Security has granted a new “temporary amnesty” to more than 8,000 Syrians living in America, saying they can remain for up to 18 months longer no matter what their legal status.

Johnson issued “temporary protected status” (TPS) to the Syrians, saying that if they are currently in the U.S., they can continue to reside there permanently, and apply for work permits and other documents to remain and live in the U.S. without fear of being expelled.

Those eligible for TPS include any Syrian illegal immigrants who have managed to sneak into or remain in the U.S. beyond their visa expirations over the last four years.

His order applies to some 5,800 Syrians who were granted status under the original 2012 TPS program, and 2,500 new arrivals who do not have permanent status in the U.S.

As announced in the Federal Register Volume 81, Number 147 (Monday, August 1, 2016), the extension allows TPS beneficiaries to retain TPS through March 31, 2018.

The statement says that the “redesignation of Syria” allows additional individuals who have been continuously residing in the United States since August 1, 2016 to obtain TPS, if otherwise eligible.

Ironically, Johnson’s statement says that the “extension of the current designation and a redesignation of Syria for TPS” is “warranted because the ongoing armed conflict.”

This conflict, Johnson said, has “not only persisted,” but has “deteriorated,” and would “pose a serious threat to the personal safety of Syrian nationals if they were required to return to their country.”

“Syria’s lengthy civil conflict has resulted in high levels of food insecurity, limited access to water and medical care, and massive destruction of Syria’s infrastructure,” Johnson continued.

“Attacks against civilians, the use of chemical weapons and irregular warfare tactics, as well as forced conscription and use of child soldiers have intensified the humanitarian crisis,” he added.

Every single factor mentioned by Johnson can be directly traced to U.S. foreign policy and interference in Syria. There can be little doubt that the “rebels” would have collapsed a long time ago had not the Obama administration taken the decision to arm them, despite it being proven time and time again that the so-called “moderate” rebels all turned out to be ISIS or ISIS-affiliated Islamists, and that it has been the “rebels” who have used chemical weapons against civilians and who have carried out atrocities.


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