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Whitelash: A Response to Van Jones
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Whitelash: A Response to Van Jones

By Karl North |

The election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency has left the political establishment reeling. It took no time for the media to produce post-mortems on how they were so wrong in the time leading up to the election and what a Donald Trump victory meant for, and about, the electorate. One early assessment came from CNN pundit Van Jones. Jones called President-Elect Trump’s victory, delivered by winning the white vote, a “whitelash,” that is, white Americans reacting negatively to the ever changing demographics and cultural make up of twenty-first century America. Based on voting statistics it cannot be denied that it was the white vote that propelled Trump to victory. Yes, Trump out performed Mitt Romney with blacks and Hispanics, but not by much, and not nearly enough to net Trump the win. The white vote brought Trump victory.

White Trump voters voted racially and for racial reasons. The overwhelming majority likely do not realize this. Most of those few who do will likely not admit it. But it is reality. There is now a budding racial consciousness among white Americans. Van Jones laments this. He is visibly shaken by this. As always whites are not allowed to vote for their interests to the exclusion of non-white interests. Whites are supposed to set their interests, if it could even be said that they have interests, aside in favor of multiculturalism. This is coming to an end, and it is ending because, frankly, we are angry. We are angry at a President who openly takes sides against white police officers in favor of black criminals. We are done seeing our towns and neighborhoods overrun by nonwhites who bring crime and violence with them. We are sick of sanctimonious, condescending “talented tenth” negroes, like Van Jones, who spread the lie that the rest of their race can achieve what average whites can, as long as we subsidize their entire existence. Whites lashed out against the direction this country is taking because on some level even the most racially unaware white Trump voters understand that their days are numbered and that the status quo does not favor them. If white identity politics is making its way into the mainstream, and it appears to be doing just that, the left has no one but themselves to blame.

Jones gets downright laughable as he whines that nonwhites do not want to feel “thrown away to appeal more deeply to others.” This is exactly what the Democrats did to the white working class. Working class whites were taken for granted and abandoned by the Democrats in a country their ancestors founded, in favor of literally everyone else. Once again whites are expected to extend a courtesy to nonwhites that is explicitly denied to whites when the tables are turned. But nonwhites have no right for redress. Jones can be as indignant at the idea of whites looking out for themselves as he wants, but it makes no difference. We owe nonwhites nothing. Jones says he received text messages from Muslim friends of his asking if they should leave the country. Yes they should. This is not their country. They need to go back to their own homelands. To put it simply, this country still belongs to white Americans. We are, for now, still the majority. It is ours. The United States of America was built by white people for white people.

As for Van Jones’s question as to what liberal parents should tell their children about Trump’s election, tell them how you have used and abused the majority population. Make sure your children know that in your bigoted public school curriculum white children are taught to despise their own culture while exalting the cultures of others. Remind your children that it was perfectly fine every time you bullied whites who attempted to organize for their own interests. Finally, you can tell them that white Americans elected Donald Trump because their country is being stolen and they want it back. Of course this would require a modicum of honesty, which is not a prevalent trait among liberals.

So yes, Van Jones is right. The white election of Donald Trump was a whitelash. It was whites exercising their power as the majority. It was whites voting as a racial block, like everyone else does. Donald Trump did not win the popular vote. That does not matter. He won the white the vote; the only vote that there should be in this country. It is to white Americans and white Americans alone that Donald Trump has an obligation to represent in the White House. This only gets worse for the left from here. We will undo the failed policies that followed the disastrous Hart-Cellar Act of 1965. The nonwhite tyranny over the white majority in this country is over. We are taking our country back, and you will not stop us.


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