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Whites are the Best in Almost All the Sports and the World's Strongest Men
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Whites are the Best in Almost All the Sports and the World's Strongest Men


Ricardo Duchesne, Council of European Canadians, 3 June 2018

Many take it for granted that black men dominated sports and that they are genetically superior in athletic competitions. This perception was developed into a full argument in Jon Entine's book, Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We Are Afraid to Talk About It (2000). In reality no one has been afraid to talk about this supposed black domination in sports. Some in the media qualified Entine's arguments, but no one condemned them.

What they would condemn is the truth: Whites are actually far better athletes.

Entine claimed outright that blacks athletes are genetically "better at sprinting, endurance running and jumping — the sort of skills required for success in most major sports these days." This was a "scientific truth," he argued. He predicted that in a few years time whites would barely withstand black competitiveness. Winning medals would be a distant memory for whites.

The media reaction was favorable. Stefan Molyneux interviewed Entine in 2015, agreeing that "in virtually every sport in which they are given opportunity to compete, people of African descent dominate." Some journalists raised a few qualifications emphasizing the role of cultural factors. But on the whole they were quite comfortable debating black physical superiority.

The New York Times review happily stated without equivocation that "the evidence of black superiority in athletics is persuasive and decisively confirmed on the playing field". Some journalists added that White people only dominate sports that require expensive equipment, such as golf, sailing, hockey. Others surmised that without "the economic gap", without "racist control" of the economy by whites, blacks would dominate every single sport. 

Actually, the only condemnations came from the academic world. The author Jon Entine, thought to be White but really a Jewish guy from Australia, was accused of perpetuating the stereotype that blacks are good in athletics but not in academics.

They are all lying. The scientific evidence is decisive: Whites, both males and females, dominate almost all the competitive sports. Blacks are very good in some sports, the sports that American media moguls love to showcase, basketball and football. They are also dominant in some athletics, but mainly just running. They are not good in all jumping competitions, white males and females absolutely dominate the pole vault Olympic medals.

Please read the entire essay at the Council of European Canadians.


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