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Asatru Mindset & Reinvigorating the European Spirit

Dan Rayner is a 20 year old Politics & Philosophy student at the University of Sheffield, England. Dan found Asatru gradually at the age of 16. At the age of 19 he founded the Nationalist Asatru News and Nationalist, an England based news and Nationalistic Asatru promotion effort seeking to promote Asatru in its purest and most eternal, elegant and inspirational form, to simultaneously spiritually inspire and politically inspire our elegant, ethereal and extraordinary Nordic & Germanic folk to stand up and speak up for their existences. In the first hour, Dan discusses the Asatru mindset and how it can unlock the European people. Asatru, properly understood and applied, is the most positive force in this world. He explains how folk awakening is the solution to the problems in our era. Later, we’ll discuss the non Germanic spiritual influence of the Semitic religions and Dan shares his view on the European Union and Christian nationalists. In the member’s hour, Dan speaks on the conditions in the UK after mass immigration. He says an ethnic resurgence of identity is taking place in the minds of the native Europeans. He’ll also talk about foreign policy and political problems instigated by Jewish supremacists. We’ll discuss today’s political ideologies that are unnatural and not in line with Asatru ethics. Later, we’ll talk about health since Asatru is about doing everything in accordance with nature. Also, we talk about the role of technology and clarify that paganism does not mean being a Luddite. Lastly, Dan shares what happened when his university confronted him on his website.

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