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Crop Circles Revealed

Author Barbara Lamb is a renowned researcher of the crop circle and alien abduction phenomenons. She also has a Master in Science degree and is a licensed therapist and hypnotherapist. She has written the books "Alien Experiences - 25 cases of Close Encounter Never Before Revealed" and "Crop Circles Revealed: Language of the Light Symbols". In this program, we go discuss the crop circle phenomena and the science behind it. How are they created and what is the purpose of the crop circles? Topics Discussed: crop circles, Wiltshire, geological aquifers, Dr Levengood, crop circle proximity to megalithic sites, ley lines, geometry, oil seed rape (canola fields), braded properties of the crops, E.T., increased crop yield, volt meter readings, dowsing, nodes, birds reacting to crop circles flying around them, magnetic disturbance, plants not burned by the heat. In our second hour with Barbara, she discusses the communication and message behind crop circles. We discuss the balls and beams of light that have been seen creating the patterns and the footage that has been taken of it. Is it fake or real? We also discuss the inter-dimensional and interactive effects of the circles, human attention, intention & meditation in the circles. Are there any ET and alien abductions connected to the phenomena? Topics Discussed: video of balls of light making a crop circle at Oliver's Castle in 1996, Barbury Castle Balls of light sighting, discs of light, binary & ASCII code, diatonic scales, Earth lights, geometrically perfect patterns, fractal geometry, Mandelbrot set, ET, inter-dimensional aspect to the phenomena, Koch fractal geometry, interactive effects & human attention, intention, meditation, Origami, decoding the alien disc template from 2002 and the connection alien abductions.

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Books or Other Material

Crop Circles Revealed: Language of the Light Symbols

Alien Experiences - 25 cases of Close Encounter Never Before Revealed

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