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Electromagnetic Pollution, The Silent Invisible Pollutant & Essential Oils

Sabina DeVita, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., D.N.M., R.N.C.P., OSJ, IPSP, CBP is the owner/founder of the DeVita Wellness Institute of Living and Learning, as well as, the International Institute of Energy Studies. She has enjoyed being in private practice for over 22 years as an eclectic psychotherapist, registered nutritionist, doctor of natural medicine and specialized kinesiologist. Her doctoral dissertation on “cerebral allergies” – understanding of Body, Mind, and Spirit was pioneer work in the field of psychology at the University of Toronto. In this program, she talks about electromagnetic pollution. Electromagnetic pollution was not a problem a century ago. It has become an occupational hazard of our high-tech 20th century and will probably continue to get worse as technology becomes more and more sophisticated into the 21st century. As our society moves more and more towards wireless forms of communication, the electromagnetic spectrum of broadcast waves are getting more and more crowded with new sources of electromagnetic impulses. We are all walking around being bombarded by a vast array of electromagnetic fields emitted from anything operating on an electrical currant. It's a silent and invisible pollutant. Dr Sabina DeVita is the author of "Electromagnetic Pollution - The Silent Invisible Pollutant". She joins us to discuss her work and research. Topics Discussed: chemical sensitivities, nutrition and behavior, brain allergies, detecting allergies, food, environment, nutrition and behavior, ADD, ADHD, nutrition and behavior, EMF, holistic approach, milk, lactose intolerance, pasteurization, raw milk, metabolic problems, cell phone radiation, Wi-Fi, George Carlos, studies on radiation, DNA destroyed, statistics, leukemia, EMF, visible spectrum, radio, microwave, appliances, cellphones 2.45 GHz, microwave, blood brain barrier, cooking the brain, cell phone protectors, magnetic fields, hydro towers, ferrite chokes, safe space deceives, orgonite, Dr Karim, geometric patterns and much more. Joins us in our second hour with Sabina DeVita as we discuss the swine flu, vaccinations, thimerosol, mercury, amalgame, detoxing, nutrition and essential oils. We talk about a special oil called thieves oil. It's an interesting name and it has a very interesting story behind that name dating back to the bubonic plague and the spice merchants that managed to survive through that period. This is a program not to be missed for those who seek natural remedies as well as a healthy lifestyle. Topics Discusses: heavy metal, thiomersal, mercury, vaccines, electro magnetic allergies, symptom, disrupting sleep patterns, memory problems, amalgam, new "green" light bulbs, Hal Huggins, detox, Guillain-Barré syndrome, 1976 swine flu scare, exercise, detox, eating right, therapeutic essential oils, thieves oil, aroma therapy, herbal oil, the great plague (The Bubonic Plague), cinnamon, clove oil, anti oxidants, free radicals, rosemary oil, eucalyptus, concentrate, peppermint oil, organically grown, The Young Living Site, quality of oils and much more.

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