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German Occult Revival

Kalki Weisthor AKA Bob Weisthor is an Armanist, a Wotanist and a student of the Vedas, a seeker of historical truth, and an advocate of deep ecology, who lives in the Southern United States. He is the proprietor of, and advocates spiritual Awakening of Aryan man as necessary for the survival of his people and of World Civilization. He is a former attorney and a former Buddhist whose inspirations include Miguel Serrano and Savitri Devi.

To begin, Kalki tells us the meaning behind his pseudonym. We learn that Kalki is name of the 10th avatar of Vishnu, while Weisthor was the alias of infamous SS-Brigadeführer and occultist Karl Maria Wiligut. We then dive into World War II and the controversial nature of revisionism, with Kalki pointing out that, despite claiming many more lives, Communism is still not anywhere near as taboo as National Socialism. We discuss how the conclusion of World War II was a watershed moment, with a new order being established thereafter. Next, Kalki recounts his spiritual journey. Although a Buddhist for many years, Kalki eventually had a spiritual experience which led him to Germanic Paganism. We then examine influential thinkers involved with what is sometimes referred to as Esoteric Hitlerism, including Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano.

In the members’ hour, we begin by discussing the importance of identity, and how it is necessary for civilization. On the subject of morality, Kalki explains that he is not a dualist; in other words, he doesn’t believe in a cosmic struggle between good and evil. Instead, he sees both creation and destruction as necessary forces in the universe. However, Kalki argues that we are part of the creative force, and it is our job to oppose the forces of destruction that threaten our existence. We also discuss the Indo-European traditions, Adolf Hitler, and the prophecy of “the coming man.” In conclusion, Kalki challenges us to pursue spiritual practice and embrace conflict in order to grow into stronger, wiser beings.

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