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Palladian Genesis

Architect and author of, “The Bath Mystery’s” is back on the program to talk about the origins of the Palladian style of architecture. He also talks about the temple of Solomon, Adam & Eve, Cain & Able and Seth, the third son from Genesis. In the second hour we talk about the common roots of the Grecian and Egyptian civilizations. Then, we discuss the Assyrian and Sumerian roots, the Hebrew people and the temple of Solomon. Later, we talk about the Renaissance, ancient art, symbolism and architecture. Topics discussed: Greece, the Etruscans (the pre-roman civilization), Andrea Palladio, the three orders, the myth about Pallas Athena, Temple of Solomon, Jachin & Boaz, Piazza Colonna, Josephus & St Paul, Genesis, death of Abel, expulsion of Cain from paradise, the mark of Cain, sons of Seth, Eden, Nod, God, Greece and Egypt (the "legacy civilizations"), Sophia, gnostic sects, The King James Version of the Bible, Enoch, Enochian magic, Sethians, Sethianism, civilization and conquest, invasion of Iraq, Shamash, Orders of Columns, Ubaid, pre-Sumerian, disc of Phaistos, Baroque Architecture, Dingir, temple of Solomon as the blueprint for Palladian style and the similarities with churches, law buildings and court houses. We wrap things up talking about the tie in with Isaac Newton's alchemical work and John Wood's architecture in Bath.

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Palladian architecture

Piazza Colonna

Etruscan architecture

Pillars of the sons of Seth


Baroque Architecture


Broken Column


Newton: The Dark Heretic

Jachin and Boaz

Temple of Solomon

Nike and a Palladium pillar

Columns at Piazza Colonna

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The Genius of the Few by Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien

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