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Surviving the Matrix, The Holographic Universe & Strip Mining The Earth & The Moon

Max Igan is from Queensland, Australia and is behind the website which covers a vast array of different topics spanning from government corruption to the mysteries of our ancient past. Max is with us today to share his perspective from Australia as it seems to be a testing ground for the agenda of the power hungry cabal of global centralization. Oz is banning everything from herbs to guns and we question why. The theme of this program is corruption. We'll discuss why things are they way they are, where we're heading and the philosophy of the elite. Max also talks about the strip mining of our planet. We continue with Max Igan in the second hour for members. We discuss "Order Out of Chaos" and intellectual chaos. Max will speak about the "Externalization of the Hierarchy", and idea by Alice Bailey. Then, Max shares his theories about why the earth is being depleted of its resources and who is behind it. This leads us into a conversation about the moon and our solar system.

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