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Sweden's Big Government 'Utopia' Unmasked

Alex Newman is an American freelance writer and the president of Liberty Sentinel Media Inc., a small media consulting firm. He is currently living in Sweden and has spent most of his life in Latin America, Europe and Africa. He has a degree in foreign languages and speaks Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian and a little Swedish and Afrikaans. Newman also earned a degree in journalism from the University of Florida, with emphasis on economics and international relations. He joins us to discuss his article titled, Sweden's Big Government 'Utopia' Unmasked. We'll dig into the meat of Sweden's totalitarian style socialist system, brilliantly rigged to create a collective mind of willing slaves who defend the system at all costs. Alex explains how this, with a few adjustments, is the globalists' favored political system. Also, we'll mention how this system is being brought to other places in the world. This socialist system seeks to destroy the middle class, to control the education of our children, to destroy the independent thinker and to crush the human spirit, all under the guise of equality for all. In the excellent second hour, Alex discusses more on how an updated version of the socialist/corporatist hybrid system will work in the globalists' favor. Aldous Huxley's predictions of a clinical inhuman socialist system such as the one in Brave New World have already come true. Newman discusses Karl Marx's manifesto and the 10 pillars of communism. These same principles are the basis of Socialism. Alex talks about how Karl Marx's philosophy has been implemented in societies throughout the world. Then, we discuss Sweden's education system. Since it is illegal to homeschool children in Sweden, we'll discuss the dangers involved when a government raises your child. We'll talk about the lack of intellectual and spiritual diversity and what happens without healthy competition. How can people see tyranny elsewhere in the world but not recognize it in their own front yard? Later, we discuss what happens to a nation dependent on the welfare state, paranoia with security and the psychology of those who live in a padded society. We end the interview on the plan to destroy America's independence and freedom.

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