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Testosterone Rex: Award-Winning Feminist Propaganda

Roderick Kaine holds a degree in biochemistry and has done professional research in both biology and neuroscience. He is also the author of Smart and SeXy, which explores the biological foundation of cognitive differences between the sexes.

Roderick returns to Red Ice to discuss Testosterone Rex. Written by feminist Cordelia Fine, the book is a biased attempt to dismiss biological differences between the sexes. As Roderick explains, Testosterone Rex is politics first, and science second. Nevertheless, Testosterone Rex won the (once) prestigious Royal Society prize for book science book of the year. We discuss the many ways in which Fine used bad research to attack a complete straw man, and ponder what her motivations might be. The show covers much more, including gender neutral schools, children as political pawns, and the main problems with the modern university system.

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Smart and SeXy: Biological Differences Between Men and Women


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