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The Madhouse: A Critical Study of Swedish Society

Daniel Hammarberg writes news and debate articles and has worked with the anti-pedophile movement Nätverket stoppa pedofilerna. Daniel has also competed in strongman events where he's pulled trucks, flipped tractor tires and lifted logs overhead. We’ll begin discussing how he became a pariah in Swedish society after public authorities received word of him being a “racist.” He’ll talk about the damage created by the Moderate Party in Sweden. Then, we’ll discuss how mass immigration and liberal policies have led to high crime and ghettos in peaceful Sweden. Also, he explains how Sweden continues to deconstruct the male gender in Sweden and its negative effects on society. In the second hour, Daniel explains what Sweden and the Soviet Union have in common. We’ll also discuss how the Swedish social services system is never accountable as many children have committed suicide while in their care. He’ll speak more about the destruction of gender roles and the crusade to wipe out any shred of masculinity. Later, Daniel tells what happened when an animal welfare investigator came to his home to check on his cats. At the end, he leaves closing words to men to reawaken the traditional, primordial man.

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The Madhouse: A critical study of Swedish society
The Madhouse: A critical study of Swedish society (Kindle)
Daniel Hammarberg @ GoodReads

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