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The Nummo & The Dogon

Dorey is a graduate of Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario where she studied English, History and mythology. Her interests were expanded into religious studies after studying the New Testament at the University of Windsor in 1991. She began her writing career as a journalist and still continues writing articles for various online publications. She joins us to discuss her second book, The Nummo. The Dogon talked about alien beings known as Nummo who came to Earth from another star system. These fish and serpent like beings were hermaphrodites who spent more time in water than on land. Shannon presents examples of how these amphibious aliens appeared all over the ancient world and makes connection with mitochondrial Eve, Mary Magdalene, Masonic symbolism and more. She reveals how the Dogon religion is the core religion from which other religions including Judaism and Christianity have evolved. We'll discuss the Nummo's voyage to Earth, their knowledge of genetic engineering, Dogon mythology and their intention with humanity. We begin the second hour talking about the Nummo's voyage from Sirius or the Pleiades and their knowledge of advanced star systems. She tells us why the double eclipse is important to the Dogon. Then, Shannon talks about the mythology of "the lost ones to the Earth" during a failed experiment and how the Nummo may feel morally obligated to help humanity. We talk about the Nummo's shape shifting abilities, their androgyny and the DNA they combined with Earth animals to create humans. Shannon tells of the failed biological experiment that caused the birth of the male jackal that represented evil in the world. He was severed from the spiritual essence of the Nummo. She says the Dogon religion connects human spirituality with the Earth itself. She believes the Dogon religion is important because it is so complex that anyone studying it can see that the truth has always existed there.

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Conversations with Ogotemmï¿1/2li: An Introduction to Dogon Religious Ideas (Galaxy Books)

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