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The Plight and Fight in Australia & New Zealand

Tough Love is a New Zealander of European descent who writes a blog of original articles and creative writings that focus on White identity and the bi-cultural experience. Aussie Tory is an aspiring academic in his mid-twenties who has been involved in Nationalist, New Right and traditionalist circles for close to a decade. He currently writes at and is a regular on "The Convict Report" podcast. Mammon is a young lad from Australia, co-host of the Convict Report and co-editor of The Dingoes. During his time at university he became disillusioned by the hostile, anti-Western rhetoric and chose to get involved in securing the interest of our people and the preservation of the Australian Nation. Gustav is an Australian man in his late 20's who has had an active interest in political philosophy and economics from a young age. He was 'red-pilled' by the New Right in late 2013 and has been increasingly involved in the scene since last year through blogging and networking.

In this program, we take a look at the general state of Australia and New Zealand in relation to multiculturalism, immigration, and the similar displacement that is happening in Europe and North America. We discuss the rise of Islam in Australia, peppered with a series of attacks on Whites, and the response by MSM and government that painted the native population as racist for showing resistance to the boorish behavior. We look at how the installation of the AU Fabian Society in the late 1940s and the change of immigration policies in the 70s ushered in an era of multicultural growth pronounced by a heavy advancement of Asians. Gustav explains the new vision of AU history that took shape during the 60s, which labeled the country’s founding by the British monarchy as a great injustice and theft of land and solidified the grand narrative of evil white oppressors. Tough Love talks about New Zealand’s Maori population and its skewed aboriginal history that claims large swaths of land and immaterial rights as belonging to the tribe, and he illustrates how the excuse of systemic racism has been used to congeal a robust reparations industry for the deteriorating population. We also consider the new colonization that is taking place Down Under, where the world’s highest immigration rates are quickly transforming demographics, driving up real estate rates, bottlenecking the job market, and brandishing increased crime and violence.

In the members’ half, we analyze the circumstances that have led to the anti-white agenda and decline in nationalist pride in AU and NZ. The Dingoes talk about the greater Asianization of the sister countries, designed to secure inclusion in the globalist economy, and fueling a renewed national impetus due to the stagnation of wages and a shift away from traditional society. We learn about the government’s Treaty Tribunal and its many versions of tribal laws that have allowed for fuzzy interpretations and an expanding resource ownership management scheme that resembles an apartheid takeover. Then, we get into the recent move to modify the AU national flag, mulling over the hostility towards European heritage and potential destruction of patriotic values that the failed initiative represented. Aussie Tory helps us distinguish what a true Australia really looks like, and why hostile invaders pose an awful threat to a pure reflection of the European diaspora’s spirit that built up the country. At the end, Mammon addresses the sad disdain Europeans have toward their place in society as the thrust for multicultural inclusion continues, and we reflect on Mother Europa’s looming disintegration and her vulnerable areas of the world that may not have a future without the solidarity of all of Western civilization’s branches.

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