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The Solutreans: The First Ancient Settlers in North America

John de Nugent was born in Providence, Rhode Island and descends from the first British settlers of America in 1635, with his very distant ancestors (hence "de Nugent") having being “Normans,” that is Norwegian Vikings who conquered part of France around 900 AD, adopted the French culture and language and then carried out the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. John was a graduate of Georgetown University and he served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps and the Virginia Army National Guard. He began posting and blogging in 2007 on the ancient white Ice-Age Europeans called Solutreans. He speaks fluent German, French and good Spanish and blogs in three languages. John has been featured on many TV shows, although attacked for his views. He’ll discuss the white Solutreans, now believed by many anthropologists to have been the true Native Americans, settling the Americas around 20,000 BC, but then losing a war ten millennia later against the Amerindians, possibly after being nearly exterminated by a global environmental catastrophe, which may have involved a comet striking eastern North America. He’ll tell the story of the Solutreans and discuss why it is relevant today. We also talk about the Kennewick man found in Washington and the legal battle for the remains as indian tribes of northeastern Washington claim the remains are their own. Later, we hear about other White, blonde Indians and the Windover bog people of Florida. In the member’s hour, we’ll discuss finds of the Solutreans, their relationship with other Indians and how they disappeared. John also talks about the mysterious disappearance of the Wa-gas in NW California. John tells about the politically incorrect side of Asian American Indians. Later, we’ll discuss the theory of off world origins of blonde hair and blue eyes.

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