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Towards a New Century of European Achievement

Matthew Tait joined the British National Party (BNP) at age 18 and founded a local party branch from scratch. He has stood for election at the local and national level on many occasions and faced persecution in the press and at work. Matt went on to found Western Spring, a fast growing 'post-Nationalist' community group who advocates innovative strategies to further the cause of Western Civilization and the European people. Matt is also the leader of Legion Martial Arts Club, which organizes camping events for younger people and aims to teach a variety of life skills. In this talk, Matt focuses on positive solutions and strategies where he is taking the lead and reaching out to all those who wish to play a meaningful and successful part in a new century of European achievement. Before this, he stresses the need to correctly diagnose the source of our malaise and provides reasons why none of us should give in to pessimism and hopelessness. We speak about the profit-driven corporate matrix we live in, where no system of control exists and machines are becoming more powerful than man. We also touch on the victim mentality that prevents ordinary people from doing anything really useful in society and the deliberate separation between Europeans and their history that prevents them from comprehending their sheer potential. Matt tells about some of the encounters with citizens in his community he experienced while campaigning for the BNP, relating how desperately people are craving new leadership and radical change towards a traditional culture. In the second half, Matt continues on the theme of the urgency for self-examination and greater personal dedication to the cause as well as taking more varied and intelligent approaches to overcoming our enemies. He speaks about his dream of writing a digestible form of the European story in order to bring alive the vision and message of nationalism in a simple, traditional and factual way. To conclude, we envision the steps to creating a stimulating, supportive, confident community that is accessible to like-minded people and those who are fed up with the current social justice warrior-ridden mess of liberal politics and ready to contribute to a promising movement.

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Email: contact [at] westernspring [dot] co [dot] uk

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