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NPI 2016 Live Coverage, Alt-Right Conference in Washington D.C.

(Watch part 2 below)

Key times in Part 1

5:44 Starts
8:57 Richard Spencer Opens Conference
27:08 "Ode to Son" video
31:34 Peter Brimelow
1:13:25 Panel with Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Millennial Woes, Peter Brimelow & Richard Spencer
2:08:42 Lana Lokteff & Emily Youcis
3:40:47 Press conference (the Retard press ask "journalistic questions"). On stage: Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Richard Spencer, Matthew Tait, Jason Reza Jorjani & Peter Brimelow.
5:09:38 Henrik Palmgren & Lana Lokteff
5:22:22 Milennial Woes
5:51:14 F. Roger Devlin
6:20:54 Henrik Palmgren & Lana Lokteff speak with Jason Reza Jorjani, Emily Youcis, Matthew Tait & Erik Yount.

Key times in Part 2

0:28 Starts
8:00 Jason Reza Jorjani
16:15 Kevin MacDonald
52:40 Q & A with Kevin MacDonald
1:06:04 Bill Regnery
1:08:22 Sam Dickson
1:26:16 Richard Spencer
1:57:45 Emily Youcis speak with attendees: Pax Dickinson, Ajax, Reactionary Jew, & John Pinckerton
2:16:53 Henrik Palmgren & Lana Lokteff speak with a couple from the Huston Goylers, Richard Spencer & Millennial Woes before closing off the live stream.

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