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TransAlchemy, Save the Humans! & Transhuman Fundamentalism

Aaron Franz is the filmmaker of "Age of Transitions", converging technology, transhumanism, and our future in the making. He also owns the website, "TransAlchemy", dedicated to the subject of transhumanism. In this interview, we discuss the mystical and occult roots of the transhumanist ideology, the philosophy behind it and ask if humans are slowly being replaced by a newer "better" version. Save the Humans! Topics Discussed: cyborgs, amalgamation, scientific realm, Singularity Summit, AGI, Ben Goertzel, Anders Sandberg, human brain uploading, roots of transhumanism, building gods, becoming gods, transhumanism as a religion, cosmism, merge with the A.I., hive mind, pattern mining, black ops programs, Total Information Awareness Program, postgenderism, consciousness, second life, "Liberating" humanity, eugenics, natural evolution, stone, golden age, insane, smart homes, ubiquitous computing, haptic devices, autonomous living, technological developments, new world order, databases and much more. In our second hour with Aaron Franz we go deeper into the occult and mystical roots of the philosophy of transhumanism. We talk about subjects such as: gods, Prometheus, Lucifer, black ops projects, nanotechnology, neocortical microcircuits, The Blue Brain Project, control, alchemy, predicting the future and human kind splitting up into two strands. This is a very important and interesting discussion that you shouldn't miss. More Topics Discussed: gods, Prometheus, enlightenment, European enlightenment, illuminati, where is the money coming from, department of energy, Human Genome Project, DNA, DARPA, efficient creature, molecular technology, nanotechnology, new propulsion systems, future, predicting future, simulations, people need to be conscious, sub conscious impulses, targeted, control, our weaknesses have been exploited, the future of humanity, two strands of human beings, alchemy, free will, science & psychology, hive mind, Twitterverse, Henry Markram, the emergence of intelligence in the neocortical microcircuit, bioinformatics, replicating the human brain, atheism, transhumanist fundamentalist, Luciferianism, new bottles for the new wine, Age of Aquarius, Hermes, commerce, vaccines and mercury and much more.

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The Philosophical Roots of Transhumanism & Technological RevolutionThe Age of Transitions


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