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Weimerica: History Rhymes

Ryan Landry is a Midwestern family man born and raised in New England. When not working in the financial realm, he maintains the blog 28Sherman and writes every Sunday at Social Matter. His podcast Weimerica Weekly is hosted by Social Matter as well.

We begin by discussing Weimerica Weekly. Ryan tells us that he was inspired to create the podcast after noticing the striking similarities between contemporary America and the Weimar Republic. In his words, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Ironically, many of the things modern liberals consider “progressive” – such as bizarre sexual fetishes – were actually commonplace in Weimar Germany nearly a century ago. We then delve into the similarities and differences between the Weimar Republic and Weimerica. Ryan explains that technological improvements have led to apps such as Tinder and Grindr, which in turn have allowed us to reach levels of degeneracy that shouldn’t even be possible. In addition, America’s racial diversity has led to the bizarre phenomenon known as “race play” – something that would have been near impossible in the Weimar Republic, which was overwhelmingly White.

In the members’ hour, we shift gears to discuss the invasion of Europe. Ryan reminds that most of these supposed refugees are not, in fact, Syrian. We then consider the effect this invasion is having on the indigenous peoples of Europe. Ryan explains how reading about hundreds of migrants being moved into a Swedish town of only 100 inhabitants reminds him of a Medieval king garrisoning his army in a nearby town. Indeed, his comparison is apt, unfortunately, for our elite is colonizing us with a new population. We discuss France, which Ryan – citing the rich history of French national pride and revolution – believes will be the first country in Europe to revolt against their ruling class. The members’ hour also covers the rise of the Alt-Right, Donald Trump, and the future of America.

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