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Alt-Right Election Night Marathon Coverage with Red Ice

Join Red Ice's election night marathon on November 8th starting at 8pm ET for live coverage as votes are counted. Alt-Right's leading voices will be joining throughout the night.
Key Times:
Ayla 20:00
Jon Rappoport 14:20
Pale Hominid, 46:00
Judgy Bitch 57:06
Jared Taylor 1:21:05
James Edwards, 1:04:29
Shiro in Philly 1:07:10
Reinhard Wolff 1:40:28
Tim Murdock 1:42:45
Blonde in the Belly of the Beast 1:35:06
Millennial Woes, 2:08:11
Seventh Son, 2:09:47
Autistotle 2:18:53
Matt Forney 2:25:20
Lady Lassarus 2:41:54
Ryan Faulk 2:44:37
RI Philly 2:51:32
Andrew Anglin, 3:09:44
Jess Lynn 3:25:45
Patrick Le Brun 3:30:08
Justin Garcia, 3:36:30
Nathan Damigo 4:06:57
Stephen A. McNallen 4:41:48
Richard Spencer 4:42:52
Jazzhands & 4:42:20
Jack Donovan 5:36:24
Melissa 5:11:21
Greg Johnson 5:17:09
Kevin MacDonald 5:20:55
Motgift: Dan & Magnus 5:41:45
Ingrid & Conrad 6:27:50
RamzPaul 6:05:15
Trump's victory speech 6:22:55

Tweet to us live in the studio: #RedIceLive

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