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AmRen Growing, Rape Gangs in Newcastle and Google Fires James Damore

Jared Taylor is an American journalist, editor of the American Renaissance webzine, and president of the New Century Foundation. His organizations are dedicated to the study of immigration and race relations. Mr. Taylor is the author of several books and scholarly papers, including Paved with Good Intentions, White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century, and the forthcoming monograph entitled If We Do Nothing.

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The interview begins with Jared describing this year’s hugely successful American Renaissance (AmRen) conference. He speaks to the Great Awakening of White racial consciousness in the United States and around the world, which has contributed to the immense popularity of AmRen events. Henrik and Jared go on to discuss the increased presence of protesters at the conference, and how that coincided with Donald Trump’s electoral victory. The conversation moves on to the Unite the Right event scheduled for Saturday 12 August 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. We discuss the threatened removal of the Robert E. Lee statue, the resultant bureaucratic machinations at the municipal level, and the symbolic nature of the gathering. Jared astutely points out that whilst our enemies may be threatening Southern Heritage at present, they will set upon all aspects of White identity before long. Jared also speaks to the universal veneration of Robert E. Lee: he was held in highest esteem on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. We go on to discuss the potentiality for an expansion of the AmRen event calendar and the different options being considered. Jared goes on to describe that the work at AmRen falls into two categories: race realism and White advocacy. Henrik introduces the subject of Muslim grooming gangs, recent revelations in Newcastle, England, and ongoing revelations about similar events in Rotherham. The discussion turns to similar events in Sweden and Germany, the crisis of European masculinity, and the systematic nature of the Muslim rape Jihad. The first half of the program also features discussions about White racial consciousness and its ability to transcend politics, the rise of nationalist movements, and Jared’s upcoming book.

In the member’s hour Henrik and Jared discuss former Google employee James Damore’s memorandum, which addresses sex differences and so-called diversity initiatives at the giant tech company. Jared states that while Damore’s memo is not directly related to race, it is challenging the prevailing miasma of enforced egalitarianism that suggests sex differences, like race differences, are illusory. This astonishing act of self-hypnosis runs contrary to reality. The scholarly nature of the memo was impressive. Jared marvelled at the deceitfulness of how Damore’s positions were portrayed; this occurs when egalitarian orthodoxy is being punctured. Henrik then broaches the related subject of platform denial, shadow-banning, and censorship of right wing views. Jared agrees that this is a problem and there will be other tactics used against the Alt-Right: “All orthodoxies, as they die, lash out in desperation.” The program ends with a brief assessment of Trump’s performance as president of the United States to date.

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