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Christmas Stream: Celebrating Yule / Christmas / Saturnalia / Winter Solstice

Celebrate Yule / Christmas / Saturnalia / Winter Solstice / Take-Your-Pick with Red Ice & special guests! Yes, it's a super inclusive, diverse "holiday" this year.

Special gusts:

Faith Goldy 1:58
Survive the Jive 11:40
Vikings, Santa & Christmas 24:08
Brittany Pettibone 33:15
Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Is An SJW 44:15
Building a Snow Lantern 50:32
Carolyn Emerick 54:48
Krampus in Bavaria 1:21:39
Yule Log Tradition 1:26:52
Matt Flavel 1:31:35
Stephen McNallen 1:37:50
Wife With A Purpose 1:57:39
Andy Nowicki 2:07:43
E Michael Jones 2:19:00
Sinterklaas & Black Pete 2:46:17
The Germanic Origins of Yule 2:50:56
White Mistletoe 3:14:59

Played at the end: Germanic Origins of Yule 



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