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Collapse of Freedom in Britain: The Sharia-Left Deports People with Right-Wing Views

Mark Collett is a British political activist and the author of The Fall of Western Man. He has been politically active since his late teens and was formerly the Youth Leader and Head of Publicity for the British National Party. Mark now works with numerous groups both in the UK and abroad; and produces his own weekly podcast. Mark appears regularly on This Week in the Alt-Right with Bre Faucheux.

An audio version of this interview is available here.

Henrik welcomes Mark back to the show to discuss recent extraordinary events in the United Kingdom. By way of introduction, Henrik provides an overview of the incredible censorship imposed upon right-of-centre activists over the past week. We begin with a detailed conversation about the conviction of Britain First’s Paul Golding and Jayda Franzen. Mark states that Ms. Franzen and Mr. Golding were both convicted of religiously aggravated harassment. He observes that their sentencing is an attempt to deflect attention away from the brutal Islamic grooming gang scandal in Telford. We then speak about how a hostile British state has deliberately concealed the horrendous scale of Muslim sexual abuse now endemic across the country. Henrik and Mark then talk at length about the detainment of Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner, Lauren Southern, and a whole litany of other political activists. We also discuss the Islamic colonization of Britain, the inherent hypocrisy of multiculturalism, and more.

The member’s segment is comprised of a multifaceted intellectual discussion of Britain as an Orwellian nanny state. Mark and Henrik speak about big government’s power to infantilize adults into vacuous compliant zombies. We also talk about the Left’s inversion of reality in the modern multicult, hedonism, and the calculated removal of shame as a self-policing mechanism. Henrik also poses some interesting questions about the purpose behind seemingly contradictory government policies. 

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