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Connecting With My Ancestors & Finding Racial Identity Cured My Depression

Gorgo is an Australian YouTuber. Her videos explore themes such as nationalism, identity, and traditionalism.

An audio version of this show is available here.

To begin, Gorgo tells us about how she arrived at the Alt-Right. We learn about how she came to discard feminism, and the positive effects this had on her life. Gorgo explains that feminism instilled in her a sense of victimhood, which led to depression. This leads to a discussion on the importance of tradition. We then discuss egalitarianism. Gorgo makes a case for embracing differences and inequality, as they are fundamental aspects of reality. Later, Gorgo shares her thoughts on the Alt-Right, explaining that she appreciates the movement’s emphasis on positive values. Our show covers much more, including Gorgo’s thoughts on the Alt-Right, demographics, and multiculturalism.

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