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Dear Cucks, Only One Kind of Nationalism Will Save the West

Faith Goldy is a Canadian journalist, who was formerly with Rebel Media. Lauren Rose is an American college student and YouTuber.

An audio version of this show is available here.

After a few necessary introductions, we begin talking about how Faith and Lauren became nationalists. Faith cites her mother as an important influence, while Lauren explains that living around diversity led her to begin asking questions. Next, we discuss civic nationalism: what it is, and why it’s an issue. Lauren argues that civic nationalism is not real nationalism, for it ignores the realities of race and ethnicity. Later, we talk about the importance of identity, and why IQ shouldn’t be the only factor when considering immigration. The show also explores ethno-nationalism, which Faith argues is still a bit too radical for the masses.

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Dear Cucks, Only One Kind of Nationalism Will Save the West



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