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Flashback Friday - Ep8 - Von Abele vs. BLF's Comments in South Africa

We begin the show comparing how the mainstream media reacted to Columbia University student Julian Von Abele's comments vs. those made by BLF's head Andile Mngxitama in South Africa. One was an expression of love and the other was a message of violence and hate, yet the media flipped this upside down. NBC and CNN recently mentioned Red Ice, calling our coverage lies and defaming us for speaking out and voicing our concern about the escalating situation in South Africa.

We also discuss far-left and ultra-globalist outlet Mic, who recently laid off their entire staff before being sold to "Bustle" for $5 million. After receiving over $21 million from Time Warner, Mic is now going under. We discuss what went wrong and why many alternative media platforms seem to survive longer than some mainstream backed media companies, despite being on shoestring budgets.

We end on how YouTube Rewind 2018 has become the fastest most disliked video in YouTube history and why Pewdiepie wasn't included. After recommending an anti-SJW movie review channel, Pewdiepie was (yet again) accused of anti-semitism, eventually removing the reference from the video.

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