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Hackers Tried to Destroy Red Ice + Update on the New Members Website

Henrik talks about the very latest after the extraordinary attack on Red Ice. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to be able to resume normal operations. He also gives an update and ETA on the launch of the brand new website. We're almost ready to go live.

It's clear that the hackers tried to destroy everything that Red Ice has done over the last decade and they permanently wanted to ruin our ability to ever produced media again.

Please help us by signing up for a membership when the new members website goes live. If you donate to us, you are not only a life saver but you will help ensure that we can come back even stronger:

With your help we can kick into high gear and show the bastard that did this to us why they never will destroy us.

Thank you for all your support guys! Lots of love to all our friends, supporters and those who have stood behind us in this difficult time.

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