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Harvard Elite Insider Admits Turning European Countries Multi-Ethnic Is An Experiment

Yascha Mounk, a German born (jewish) Harvard elite insider was interviewed on German state run TV about why "evil right wing populists" are on the rise in Germany and Europe. He gives 3 reasons and either intentionally or accidentally admits "We're trying a historically unique experiment: Transforming a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural society into a multi-ethnic one."

Mounk joins a long list of people who have all admitted that there is an ongoing population replacement in Europe and in countries founded by Europeans. Barbara Spectre, Gregor Gysi, Anetta Kahane, Noel Ignatiev - just to name a few - have all stated openly that there is a multicultural experiment ongoing that is about "ending Whiteness." That means that these people are just using opportunities such as the "refugee crisis" in order to further turn European countries into multicultural ones. It's not about helping, it's about transforming. It's not about low birth rates, it's about flooding us with strangers. It's not for economic reasons, it's about the open air experiment of multiculturalism.

With these lies and ulterior motives behind it, it's doomed to fail and the people are waking up.

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