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Right-Wing Activism: The Alt-Lite Disavows Free Speech Rally

Jason Kessler is a journalist, activist, and author from Charlottesville, Virginia. His reporting has been covered by numerous media outlets, including The Daily Caller, VDare, and The Washington Post.

An audio version of this show is available here.

Jason joins us for a show on many important issues, including right-wing activism, free speech, and the ongoing struggle against Cultural Marxism. We first talk about Jason’s hometown, Charlottesville, which has been embroiled in controversy as of late regarding its Confederate statues. We discuss about antifa, and Jason gives us the rundown on their strategies, goals, and overall mentality. Later, we consider the upcoming free speech rally in D.C., which various Alt-Lite figures abandoned after it was announced that Alt-Right figures would be speaking. The first hour dives deeper into the Alt-Lite’s motivations, and concludes with a discussion on White genocide.

In the members’ hour, Jason tells us about Charlottesville’s Vice-Mayor, Wes Bellamy. We learn about Bellamy’s anti-White Twitter rants, which Jason helped expose. This leads to a discussion on Charlottesville’s handling of its Confederate monuments. Jason explains that his hometown’s liberal city council has made no attempt to be diplomatic. We then switch gears to consider the big picture. Jason compares our situation to that of South Africa, as both involve the removal of statues and demonization of White historical figures. The members’ hour also explores the future of America, Balkanization, and the demographic displacement of indigenous Europeans.

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