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10 Types of Anti-White Commenters
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10 Types of Anti-White Commenters


One of my more masochistic habits involves thumbing through the New York Times, an expression that has been saved from dead metaphor status since you can read the news on your smartphone. And smart people are supposed to read the New York Times, as it is a high status signifier. You can’t truly be member of Weimerica’s Brahmin caste, a Judeo-Saxon, if you don’t have that haughtily yet cautiously progressive worldview of pseudo-paternalism towards the United States. The New York Times is one such incubator of this milieu, which sees the country’s third world populations as needing uplifting and its Amerikaner goyim, those English-speaking “white” people who live beyond the Pale, as needing to be contained.

The main sections I give any attention to are Politics and The Opinions Pages, because as an Alt-Right content farmer I pride myself on having a better grip on what my enemy thinks than he has on what I think. The editorial Overton window of the New York Times is best encompassed by (((David Baruch))) and (((Roger Cohen))), who are the token milquetoast conservative and dedicated cosmopolitan elitist respectively. Op-Eds in the New York Times are for me a source of ideological research. What are these people thinking and why? Do they make any good points? What do their views say about them anthropologically, socially, ethnographically, etc?

Something immediately familiar to anyone who writes about politics or ideology is that their audience frequently ends up being more extreme than they are. As such, I often spend more time reading the comments left on the New York Times website than the articles, because the commentariat is a shooting gallery of far-left and anti-White ranting, which is both triggering and narrative-confirming for me at the same time.

The comments left on in-house blacktivist-columnist Charles M. Blow’s articles are a good source of this. I was sure when I finished skimming “Donald Trump’s Bigotry” that I would find exactly what I was looking for. One reason I find these kinds of comments so enlightening is because they come from the very same people who accuse us of having an irrational, bigoted, pseudoscientific, and phobia-laden point of view. Meanwhile theirs is, well, let’s just have a look, shall we? Here are some choice commentator cuts from the New York Times commentariat, as I have provided before:

The third worldist, who posits the moral and political superiority of designated oppressed groups over Whites.

So sad to think that if white men decided this election, Trump would win. Thank God for women and minorities, who in this election at least display a decidedly superior grasp of reality and a decidedly lower tolerance for hateful bigotry.

The pathologist, who is ready to root out the virulent disease of White self-interest or in-group affinity.

Support for Trump is a plague and racism is the bacterium causing it. Racism is, of course, nothing new in the U.S. or the world. The rise of Trump and the vulgar nature of his supporters is troubling. We saw the rabid racism in the rise of the Tea Party after President Obama was elected, but at least they didn't hold rallies where he was called the "n" word. They still used the dog whistles long employed by the Republican party. Now we have Trump and the same people who gave rise to the Tea Party feel they are righteous in their hatred, foaming at the mouth like rabid animals until they physically attack those who disagree with them, or worse, don't look like them. I have wanted to believe that our country would finally be able to hold its head high after electing a black man to the presidency. I see how wrong I was every time Trump holds a rally. We have a long way to go.

The Chomskyite, who informs you that you just aren’t voting in your best interest.

I'm surprised that he only trails by 20 points among college-educated white women. I thought that cohort would be smarter.

The slow one, who doesn’t realize that successful college graduates don’t want their wealth redistributed. Hint: Republicans and college-educated people are mostly White.

If Republicans have traditionally gotten the college-educated vote, then college education has long been a failure in this country,

The social signaler, who lets you know you’ve done a bad thing and that he is morally correct for not doing that bad thing.

One good thing about this election is its stark lack of ambiguity. A vote for Trump is a vote for bigotry, and a Trump voter can't pretend otherwise. It's very much like in 2008, when a vote for Sarah Palin exposed you as a reckless citizen, willing to place her within steps of the Oval Office, because you couldn't stomach a black man in YOUR White House.

The (((psychologist))), who is itching to diagnose the authoritarian personalities he finds among his clients but not his business partners.

If all goes as expected and Trump is roundly defeated, the demographers, social psychologist, and political scientist will have an usual treasure trove of information on a section of the AMerican population that is politically and morally deranged and intellectually deficient.

The guilt-by-associator, who will be perturbed to learn that a certain German chancellor was an early environmentalist and animal lover. #NotAnArgument

Reading your comment, I was reminded of what an episode of The Simpsons once said about FOX News: "Not racist, but #1 with racists!" Regardless of what is in Mr. Trump's heart, his message has resonated in the hearts of the nation's racists. They view Trump as one of their own; and he refuses to renounce them or their support. That should deeply trouble fair-minded voters.

The kulak hunter, who knows an enemy of progress when she sees one.

What is sad and disturbing is that 46% of all whites apparently does not hear Trump's highly racist, misogynist speech as bigoted. What is wrong with them?!

The collaborator, who has gotten to the root of Weimerica’s internal conflict and sides with the occupiers.

We are becoming a nation of two separate and distinct "tribes": the White Tribe and the Diverse Tribe. The Diversers will prevail.

The clever one, who is literate enough in nationalism to make a good pun.

Donald Trump, Breitbart's Steve Bannon, and the alt.right are turning the Party of Lincoln into the party of George Lincoln Rockwell.


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