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2011 is 2012
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2011 is 2012

By Henrik Palmgren |

The title may sound confusing at first but let me explain. 2012 has become the signifier of Doomsday. For cultural reasons as soon as some writer/researchers got a hold of the Mayan calendar prediction they made it conform to the concept of western linear-time. So we have gotten backed into a corner and led to believe that 2012 means, the “end of the world”. It does not. The Doomsday date of December 21, 2012 will not be the end of the world. However, it will be the end of an Age. How do I know?

To begin with I penned the earliest articles that linked the Maya Long Count calendar, which tracked the 4th Sun, a period of 5,125 days. In those pieces, which were published in 2004 by Atlantis Rising, I explained some of the basics of the Mayan calendar and how it represented a Solar Cycle. Up to that time researchers thought that the Fourth Sun, was some kind of mystical or occult concept. In 2002 I had a revelation and realized that the Mayan priests were solar scientists. The calendar system was, in fact, a record of a real Solar Cycle, the 4th, which was a period of increasing sunspots and solar activity in general (Begun at the end of the last Ice Age.)

In those articles I connected the dots and showed how the rising level of solar activity had produced effects upon the earth such as a long-term period of global warming, the interglacial epoch. In addition the Maya forecast that the 4th Sun would expire on Dec 21, 2012. What they meant was that the Sun would finish this cycle with a bang; huge solar storms triggering frequent and much more severe natural disasters as 2012 approached. In fact that is exactly what has been happening since 1960 when the largest earthquake ever recorded, a 9.5, hit Chile.

Since then we have experienced four 9.0 quakes, but never any prior to 1960.

That said one point I wanted to make was that we must not equate 2012 with some kind of Doomsday clock that was set to go off on a specific date and trigger events that would destroy all life on earth. The whole 2012 concept is part of a long-term process, during which, the earth and human civilization undergo variety of changes and transformations. Now, as 2012 approaches, we need to connect the dots between many divergent factors such as our global climate, the Solar Cycle, agriculture, the human and animal populations, geography, our electromagnetic civilization, etc.

It is not a matter of waiting for 2012, like it is a Doomsday clock and simply resigning ourselves to an apocalyptic fate. So let us proceed by first trying to understand exactly what is going on in our local neighborhood, a tiny corner lot, located in a much larger Universe.

The Sun is the source of light and heat without which humans could not survive. It goes through an extremely well-documented 11- year sunspot cycle. During the Solar Maximum years when sunspots occur almost every day, solar storms rage across old Sol. (We are in one right now.) They can take the form of solar winds picking up speed and intensity, or of flares that shoot up from the surface; coronal mass ejections also explode out of the Sun during these periods. All of this increased electromagnetic energy impacts the earth’s magnetosphere and, if large enough, solar storms can knock out the power grid.

This is a fact that NASA basically acknowledged in 2010 when they warned of an impending solar super storm coming in 2102. Yes, NASA has reconfigured their calculations and astrophysicists have confirmed that 2012 is the date of the Solar Maximum for sunspot cycle 24. (1) Given the nature of our electro-magnetic civilization we have much to fear from a super solar storm which could emit an X-class coronal mass ejection that might cause a partial or even the total destruction of our electric grid. An article appeared in the Jan. 9, 2009 edition of SciTech:

A new study from the National Academy of Sciences outlines grim possibilities on Earth for a worst-case scenario solar storm.

“Damage to power grids and other communications systems could be catastrophic, the scientists conclude, with effects leading to a potential loss of governmental control of the situation.”
This occurred on a regional level In Quebec Canada in 1989 when power was knocked out by a solar storm. Historically, a massive solar outburst took place in 1859 when a solar storm blasted the earth with such a huge surge of energy that the telegraph system was fried. Had that occurred last week ---instead of prior to the age of electricity and instant telecommunications—I would not be writing and you would not be reading this article because the electric grid, would be down and not for a few days or weeks but for months or years…

Yes, we are entirely dependent upon the events that take place on the Sun right down to the severity of solar storms, which can turn the clock of civilization back many centuries- in an instant. That is how vulnerable we are and every scientist and electrical engineer alive knows it. My concern is that 2011- 2012 is going to bring us ‘The Perfect Solar Storm’, the one that will become the Kill Switch for modern civilization.

On June 7, 2011, the Sun shot out a massive coronal mass ejection (CME), the largest yet recorded by solar scientists, who study the ‘solar weather’ every day. Then in July a truly bizarre thing happened when the Sun suddenly seemed to explode. A huge mass of mostly dark material was sent flying half way across the surface. NASA scientists said they had never seen anything like it.

It would be bad enough if solar storms were all that we had to worry about over the next 17 months. Unfortunately, we have much more to be concerned about in the immediate future. On August 2, comet Elenin will cross the earth’s orbit and begin its rapid journey toward a close encounter with the Sun followed by a close encounter with the earth. When Elenin makes this swing in its elliptical orbit it will be moving across the orbital paths of 3 planets: Earth, Venus and Mercury.

At the same time comet Honda will be approaching earth. Aphelion occurs on August 15, the same date that Elenin crosses the orbital path of Venus. While we do not yet know exactly what Elenin is or how large it is, we do know about Honda. This comet is about 1 mile in diameter. At aphelion it will be about 7 million miles from earth. That may sound like a comfortable distance but in cosmic terms that is a miniscule distance. Furthermore, comets are known to be perturbed off their customary orbital paths.

NASA likes to be reassuring when it comes to near approaches of comets and asteroids but no one knows what is going to happen with any certainty. All we do know right now is that Honda is going to pass by very close, closer than any other comet in 25 years.

If Honda were to hit the earth the results would be devastating but not completely catastrophic. However, an impact is not really what I am most concerned about anyway. My worries stem from the fact that we are in a Solar Maximum and the evidence shows that comets magnify solar activity as they approach perihelion, their closest distance to the Sun. At this point it is important that we delve into the recently revealed nature of comets. Prepare for a shock if you still believe that comets are nothing more than “dirty snowballs’. The following quote is from the NASA website:

Stardust: A Mission With Many Scientific Surprises

“The primary goal of the Stardust mission was to collect samples of a comet and return them to Earth for laboratory analysis. Comets are ancient bodies of frozen ice and dust that formed beyond the orbit of the most distant planet. They were expected to contain materials that the solar system formed from, preserved in ice for billions of years. When the international team of 200 scientists began examination of the returned particles, we found that the particles were indeed ancient building blocks of the solar system but the nature and origin of the particles was quite unexpected.” (1)
What did the NASA scientists find that caught them so off guard? “Instead of rocky materials that formed around previous generations of stars we found that most of the comet’s rocky matter formed inside our solar system at extremely high temperature. In great contrast to its ice, our comet’s rocky material had formed under white-hot conditions…”

This discovery contradicts the accepted theory which asserts that comets formed in the extremity of the solar system in icy conditions. That came on top of an equally astonishing discovery years earlier when NASA found that the comet Hyakutake emitted x-rays, which does not fit the established theory at all. (2)

So basically, the space-age has crushed the established comet theory but astronomers have yet to catch up with that fact. Enter a revolutionary cosmic theory, The Electric Universe. Since I do not have the time or space to try and explain it in detail I am going to get to the bottom line and leave the detailed examination to you, dear reader.

“The Electric Universe is based more on observations and experiment than abstract theory. It recognizes connections between diverse disciplines. It concludes that the crucial requirement for understanding the universe is to take fully into account the basic electrical nature of atoms and their interactions. Strangely, this is not the case in conventional cosmology where weaker magnetism and the infinitely weaker force of gravity rule the cosmos. Such a simplification may suit a theoretical physics based on electrical neutrality of matter in Earthly laboratories but it does not apply in space where plasma dominates.” (3)
The real nature of comets becomes readily apparent using the principles of The Electric Universe as Wallace Thornhill & David Talbot explain succinctly, “Comets are charged objects moving through the electric field of the Sun…in the outer reaches of the solar system a comet will travel relatively slowly, and it will acquire a negative charge with respect to the Sun while traveling through space. As it approaches the inner planets and heads towards perihelion, it begins to discharge to the plasma surrounding it, producing the bright coma and tail we associate with comets. In addition, it is buffeted by the solar wind, as the earth is, and the solar wind produces a magnetosphere around the comet, as it does around the earth.”

[Pardon all the technical detail but without it, laboring under the old comet model, we would not understand why the incoming comets pose a serious threat.]

The only real difference between a comet and an asteroid is the fact that the former carries an electrical charge. That is why they produce comas, streaming tails millions of miles long and even x-rays, asteroids do not. When a comet gets to the point (like Elenin) in its orbit where it quickly enters the tight part of its elliptical path and heads toward the sun to make its quick swing around it, the voltage of the comet becomes increasingly out of balance.

At the same time, an excess current with a positive charge leaves the sun with a net negative charge, which forms a capacitor between the Sun and the rings around the sun. When the comet reaches these rings a situation leading to a high-energy discharge takes place. This is why we need to be so concerned about the incoming comets arriving just at the point when the Sun is reaching Solar Maximum.

Additionally, there has not been a point in time over the past several thousand years when 3 comets entered the rings of the inner planets at the same time. Unfortunately, we have another approaching object, a hazardous near earth object (NEO), to consider in this mix. The largest asteroid (YU55) to make a close approach to earth will arrive at perihelion on Nov. 8. It will pass between the earth and the moon, the closest approach ever by any object this size, a scary proposition even without the other comets in the mix. YU55 is about a football field and a half (500 yards) in diameter. Being round it is actually a small planetoid.

Now, returning to Elenin, this mysterious object will reach perihelion on Sept. 11, of all dates. I expect that it is going to trigger solar storms as it crosses the orbital paths of Venus and Mercury to arrive at perihelion. Simultaneously, Honda will also be traveling across the orbit of Venus (but not Mercury) to its perihelion on Oct. 2.

At this juncture we need to consider another crucial factor, comet-planetary-solar alignments. While searching for evidence to prove his theory of resonance, Dr. Mensur Omarsbashich, a Bosnian scientist stumbled across some startling facts about alignments between comet Elenin, Earth and the Sun. His investigations revealed that when Elenin, earth and the Sun aligned bad things soon happened on our planet (such as the Japan 9.0 quake). We have two more such alignments to endure on Sept 27 and Nov 22, only Elenin will be much closer to the earth and Sun during these alignments than it was in March. (4)

On Sept. 27 the comet Elenin will pass directly between the earth and the Sun. This poses a truly frightening scenario that brings a biblical prophecy to mind. Of course I am referring to Revelations and the reference to the sun turning black for 3 days. The comet’s coma and tail could obscure the sun, we will just have to wait and see as I do not want to delve into biblical prophecy anymore in this paper. I expect that we will experience huge earth changes as the sun erupts with solar storms.

Then on Nov. 22 the Earth will pass between the Sun and comet Elenin, another potentially disastrous day, or rather few days. Are we done yet? Unbelievably, no we are not. By this time another comet, Levy, will be approaching the earth with perihelion on Dec. 7. This comet will pass even closer to earth than the other two comets, about 5 million miles. However, it does not go on to cross the orbital paths of Venus or Mercury and head nearer to the Sun.

In fact, not only do we have 3 comets and one NEO asteroid to consider over the next four months, a number of smaller asteroids will be streaming through the inner solar system on a daily basis. Fortunately, none come close to the earth, which is not to say that some other cosmic object won’t suddenly appear out of nowhere as happened on June22 when comet 2011 MD was suddenly spotted heading toward earth. It roared by about 7,000 miles overhead on June 27 just 5 days after it was discovered…think about that for a moment.

In my opinion, and that is all it is, the object that has the greatest possibility of hitting the earth is YU 55. I think that the combined action of the comets have the chance of perturbing this asteroids orbital path. We can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst at this point. I rule out the worst of the worst case scenarios, an Extinction Level Event, for obvious reasons. The next level would be cataclysmic natural disasters coupled with a massive solar storm that zaps the electrical grid network. After that the next on the list would be cataclysmic natural disasters.

The absolute best we can realistically hope for is a continuation of the pattern we have been in over the past two decades, more high-energy earthquakes, hurricanes, twisters, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc., with greater frequency and severity until the end of 2012. After that the Solar Maximum will be over and the conditions on earth should quiet down dramatically.

So in a very real sense 2011 is the “2012” that many people are waiting for. But 2012 is simply the fulfillment of the Solar Maximum cycle as the Maya predicted. The Mayan calendar does not end in October 2011 as some researchers have posited. The Mayan solar scientists made it abundantly clear that the Sun, and its cycles, was the key to their system of reckoning. As a result, this cycle will not truly end until the Solar Maximum is exhausted.

Footnotes, Links
1.NASA, Stardust Mission: stardust
2.Wikipedia, comet Hayakutake
4.Dr Mensur Omerbashich claims that since 2006, comet Elenin has had a measurable impact on the Earth’s seismic activity. If Dr Omerbashich is correct, then we can expect a rapid surge in seismic activity in terms of major earthquakes as Elenin approaches the Earth during the latter part of 2011. Dr Omerbashich’s paper was released on April 11, 2011 and is titled "Astronomical Alignments as the cause of ~M6 + seismicity."

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