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5 Hyperborean Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving with Your Liberal Family
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5 Hyperborean Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving with Your Liberal Family

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and your plebeian family still hasn't read any Julius Evola.

Here at Red Ice, we understand the challenges you face during the holidays as a hyperborean man among the ruins. While the battle against the dark forces of Kali Yuga is no easy task, it pales in comparison with the grim experience of listening to that liberal cousin of yours whine about Trump in between bites of store-bought stuffing.

As such, we’re providing you with 5 tips to help you survive the telluric affair known as Thanksgiving.

  1. Immediately begin talking about serious topics. Many people argue that politics, social issues, etc. should be avoided during Thanksgiving dinners. These people are wrong and dumb. By immediately discussing politics, you will be able to convert as many family members to your reasonable, commonsense views on Atlantis, racial differences, and spiritual alchemy as possible.
  2. Recite passages from Traditionalist works during periods of silence. During gaps in conversation, the average person will focus on eating, and wait for things to pick up naturally. You are not the average person. As a Man Against Time, you have memorized works by Julius Evola, Rene Guenon, and other Traditionalist thinkers, and are thus prepared to quote therefrom during periods of silence, however minute.
  3. Pull aside particularly receptive family members after dinner. To make the most of your Thanksgiving conversion efforts, you need to find the most receptive family members and give them the undiluted truth one-on-one. You’ll know who they are because they will be the only ones not yelling at you, threatening to call the police, etc.
  4. If things begin to go poorly, stick to less controversial subjects. While your main goal should be to convert your family members to the metaphysical system of Julius Evola, you may find that Grandpa doesn’t have what it takes to become a differentiated man. That’s okay. Instead, you should direct the conversation toward more casual topics of conversation, such as Holocaust revisionism.
  5. Refuse to debate. Look, while other people decided to get “jobs” and start “families”, you mastered the yoga of power. You’re an expert of real science (spiritual alchemy) and thus can speak with authority about all lower pursuits (everything else). As such, refuse to allow combative family members to voice their disagreements; remember, “debate”  and “logic” are nothing more than tools used by the Demiurge to ensnare us. Stick to slamming your silverware on the table, shouting Qabalistic formulas, and, if necessary, speaking in tongues.

If you adhere to these rules, you can rest assured that your Thanksgiving will go smoothly. Your family will be impressed with your vast knowledge, and you will undoubtedly win over many new converts to the battle against the forces of chaos.

And while many family members will likely regard you afterwards as they would an escaped mental patient, you just need to remember that they are clearly Chandalas of the soul, unworthy of your attention. Remember, this is spiritual warfare, and the dark forces of Kali Yuga are to be conquered wherever they are found: on the battlefield, in the YouTube comment section, or, most menacingly, at Thanksgiving dinner.


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