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Burn Notice: Milo Yiannopolous
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Burn Notice: Milo Yiannopolous

By Karl North |

With the recent increase in press coverage of the Alt Right there has been a fear within the movement that we may be co-opted by opportunists that would dilute our fundamentally white nationalist message. One of the prime suspects for co-opting is Breitbart’s openly homosexual, quarter Jewish, tech editor, Milo Yiannopolous. Milo has been associated with the Alt Right for a while, largely due to crossover between Gamer Gate supporters and the Alt Right. Alongside fellow Breitbart editor, the half Pakistani Allum Bokhari, Milo wrote An Establishment Conservatives Guide to the Alt Right earlier this year. Milo is frequently asked about the Alt Right in media interviews and recently was profiled in Bloomberg as the “pretty, monstrous face of the Alt Right.” Now, he has given a presentation on “How to Destroy the Alt Right” as a part of his Dangerous Faggot Tour, at a stop at the University of Houston, in Houston, Texas.

The title of Milo’s presentation was certainly alarming. What did he mean by “destroy the Alt Right?” Had he turned on the movement that he hitherto steadfastly defended? No, of course not. This, like virtually every other thing having to do with Milo, was only to grab attention. This title came into play with a twelve point list that, if the political establishment were to follow it, they could make the Alt Right happy, and ultimately cause the Alt Right’s disappearance. Long before Milo ever got to this list however, it was very clear that what Milo thinks is the Alt Right and what the Alt Right actually is, are very different things.

Milo believes that the Alt Right and Cultural Libertarianism are the same things. Throughout his presentation he heavily implied that this is what he believes, and then he just plain said it. When asked a question about the real Alt Right, that is those of us invested in white identity politics and not those who have a free speech fetish, Milo said he believed that while others, such as Richard Spencer, may have a historical claim to the movement, that white identitarianism is no longer what the Alt Right is about. He goes on to say that the movement has grown beyond any sort of identity politics. Milo sees the true Alt Right as a mere fringe of a greater libertarian/conservative movement. Milo claims the “Alt Right” will keep on going so long as “Muslim feelings are prioritized over gay lives.” There are several reasons why the real Alt Right does not want Islamic immigration into the West, but I can assure you the safety of gays is nowhere on that list. So all of the trolling and memes is really just all for the lulz and no one but a tiny minority are actually white identitarians. Going back to Milo’s list of things to do to destroy the Alt Right, true Alt Right demands such as a white ethnostate were absent. “Build the wall” and “return to traditional gender roles” were present. But then, you don’t have to really be Alt Right to see the need for these things.

So how “Alt” is Milo’s false Alt Right? Not very. The edgiest position he asserts is that anti-white racism is culturally acceptable and it should not be. Of course the real Alt Right would agree with this, but the reasoning given by us and by him are completely different. According to Milo the Alt Right takes this position not for a nationalist love for one’s people, but because there is a restriction placed on a segment of society that is not placed on another. Milo is an egalitarian and a free speech fundamentalist. For him there should be no restrictions on speech and he thoroughly rejects identity politics in any form. I suppose saying that gender is not a social construct and that it does have biological realities, today, is somewhat edgy. But this is really just the lowest hanging fruit of leftist absurdity. It is difficult for me to really consider this an alternative view. Milo does mention “No more globalization” as the sixth point on his list of things to do to destroy the “Alt Right.” This was accompanied by a picture of George Soros with a black censor bar over his eyes. He does not say Soros’s name. Milo only says “he’s a bad man.” There is no elaboration on why globalization should be stopped. It is difficult to call Milo’s false Alt Right anti-globalist based on this shoehorned mention.

Cultural Libertarianism is very tame. All it does is confront SJWs, the world’s most obnoxious people who no one likes anyway. Cultural Libertarianism fails to wrestle with anything of substance. They will not address issues of race in any meaningful way. They certainly will not touch the Jewish Question. Their reason for more exclusionary immigration policies lies not with a preservation of one’s people, but rather with not wanting to subvert the worst of Western culture: democracy, liberalism, equality. You will not hear Cultural Libertarians call for a white ethnostate. You are unlikely to hear them role out statistics showing the drastic differences between the IQs of different races and that it is for reasons like that that whites should not be blamed with the inability of minorities to perform at the same level as whites. You certainly will not hear Milo promote this. (Gavin McInnes has interviewed Jared Taylor, so there is hope that some Cultural Libertarians may be open to our ideas.) The Cultural Libertarians are just libertarians with a modicum of sense and less autism. They are not the Alt Right, and are frankly nowhere close to it.

Milo continues to say that he is not part of the Alt Right. Those of us in the real Alt Right think “well, yeah, race mixing, Jewish, fags are not welcome in our movement.” But remember, to Milo we are only the fringe of the Alt Right. We are not what the movement is allegedly about now. So if it is not racial and sexual orientation issues that keep Milo from aligning with his false Alt Right, what is it? It is that Milo is, basically, a Neocon. Where Milo parts ways with his “Alt Right” is their dislike of foreign wars and America acting like the world’s policeman. Milo wants the United States to continue to watch over the world because he fears that Russia or China may fill the vacuum if the US were to isolate itself. It is no wonder that a Jewish homosexual fears a world marching to the beat of Vladimir Putin’s drum. It is also no wonder that a Jew is willing to spend the American tax payer’s money to keep the US involved in everyone else’s business. Milo also expressed his admiration for George W. Bush and still supports the Iraq War. He says his “Alt Right” dislikes Israel due to their stance against foreign interventionism, whereas Milo is an “unreconstructed Zionist.” His whole persona is a big joke. Deep down he is just a socially liberal Neocon in Louis Vuitton wrapping paper with a big, gay bow. When you get past the admissions of “I suck dick,” Neoconservatism is all you are left with. Milo’s entire persona of being dangerous or edgy is a sham. It is a marketing scheme (he admits being straight would end him) designed to sell us the same ideas that have endlessly failed us in the past.

Milo is just another twenty-first century rootless cosmopolitan. One recurring theme in Milo’s presentation is that he just wants people to have fun and enjoy themselves. He sees the left’s assault on culture as an assault on fun and happiness. He wants women to have the option to choose to be a wife and mother rather than a cat lady with a career, not because this traditional arrangement served Western society well, but because he wants them to be happy. I do not dispute that women in traditional roles will be happier than those trying to eke out careers. But I, and many on the real Alt Right, support women in traditional roles because it is what is good for society. Milo on the other hand can only go back to platitudes like “fun” and “happiness” because, for the rootless cosmopolitan, there is no fidelity to a greater culture or to a race of people and what that culture and race needs to survive. Instead Milo falls back to a simplistic utilitarian view of happiness as the greatest good. He has to go there because he has nowhere else to go.

There were many on the Alt Right, myself included, who said we should give Milo the benefit of the doubt when it came to his misrepresentation of the Alt Right. We can no longer give him the benefit of the doubt, because there is no doubt; Milo has knowingly co-opted the Alt Right. He has applied the name of our movement to something different entirely. Milo knows what the real Alt Right is and what we stand for. He is not stupid by any means. He mentioned Jared Taylor of American Renaissance long before any question was asked regarding the real Alt Right. He also said that with this presentation he was not talking to the true Alt Right, only to his false Alt Right, an army of sycophants. The real Alt Right is after all, just a fringe element. Never mind that the Daily Stormer averages over 100,000 unique visitors every day, totaling to over 3 million, getting closer to 3.5 million, visitors every month. Not bad for a “neo-nazi” website on the fringe of a “conservative/libertarian” movement. After viewing Milo’s response to the question about the real Alt Right, Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin said:

I don't even understand what he's talking about. These unnamed people who are the real alt-right but are not racists. I know for a fact all the people trolling Jewish journalists are real racists, because they're my people. What he's saying is just made-up. This is the same exact thing they did to the Tea Party, what he is trying to do to us now.

Milo has fabricated a connection between the Alt Right and Cultural Libertarianism that has no basis in reality. The whole display only makes sense once you accept that he has knowingly co-opted our movement, tacking us on as the fringe of something entirely different.

It is time for the Alt Right collectively stand against Milo Yiannopolous. He uses the name of our movement to promote views completely antithetical to ours. The Daily Stormer and Red Ice Radio cannot be the only Alt Right platforms to speak out against this Jewish fag with no stake in the fight for our people. If we value the efforts of Identity Europa and the many growing, local, Alt Right groups around the US who are trying to cultivate a real life community for our movement and bring disaffected whites to our way of thinking, then we cannot allow their efforts to be overshadowed by multiculturalists who are okay with having a border wall. We cannot stop Milo from talking about the Alt Right, but we can be there everywhere he goes to let him, and everyone else, know that he is wrong. No comments section of his articles, videos, and media appearances should be safe from us. Our people should be on the ground at each stop on his tour letting everyone know who and what the real Alt Right is. We must seize the momentum he has created to propel our message forward because, if we do not, we will disappear into obscurity.

By Karl North @KarlNorth_

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