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Cheddar Man: Using Archaeology to Promote the Immigration Cult
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Cheddar Man: Using Archaeology to Promote the Immigration Cult


Thomas Jones and Christoph Hauck, Council of European Canadians, 18 February 2018

In 1903, the oldest complete human skeleton was found in Gough's Cave in Cheddar, England. The remains were that of a male who had died 10,000 years ago and he was given the epithet of "Cheddar man," based on the location of his remains. For decades now, various reconstructions have been made of the finds and just this month a new reconstruction was revealed based on recent genetic testing. So, what did Cheddar man look like? Well, apparently, he may have had dark skin and blue eyes. On the face of it this is not a particularly startling find as white skin tones are not supposed to have developed until around 5,800 years ago – although in Scandinavia it may have developed early, some 7,700 years ago. However, when it comes to Cheddar man it is not just that he was dark but that, he was "dark to black."

It is interesting how he is described as being "dark to black," and problematic, because it leads people to assume the earliest inhabitants of the British Isles would have been sub-Saharan, as in most peoples' minds black refers specifically to sub-Saharans. Referring to Cheddar man as black has only fueled afrocentrists, that is people who believe sub-Saharan blacks once dominated the world, with some going as far as to say that Egypt or even the Olmecs, Chinese and other ancient civilizations were originally black). Of course, these views are not held by all of them, but most do seem to agree that anything dark enough to be considered black is the same as sub-Saharan.

We often see from academia the desire to question whiteness, but what is blackness? Given that black has historically been applied to a wide number of genetically unrelated groups whose only commonalities are skin colour and (in many cases) hair type. It is only thanks to American influence that "black" refers today to sub-Saharans and West Africans in particular. If Australia had become global hegemon black would refer to their aborigines, if the Philippines held that position, it would refer to their indigenous peoples (often referred to as negritos – little blacks), and if Brazil had been in America's place then blackness would encompass an even greater variety, as in that country race is seen to be as fluid as gender is by the global liberal elite. Cheddar man being dark does not mean sub-Saharans are the autochthonous inhabitants of Europe. It would seem he shares DNA with modern inhabitants of Britain and other parts of Europe.

Maybe those who are so eager to deny race (at least when it comes to Europeans) and deconstruct identity should keep this in mind when it comes to blackness. Or better yet, they could stop engaging in such destructive behavior which ultimately only furthers the growth of the elite powers they so vocally claim to reject.

Read the rest at the Council of European Canadians.


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