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DESPERATE: Twitter Now Trying To Quarantine Alt-Right After Failure To Destroy It
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DESPERATE: Twitter Now Trying To Quarantine Alt-Right After Failure To Destroy It


Editor's Comment: Rather than banning users, Twitter is creating "neighborhoods" to keep opposing groups separated on Twitter. Basically, it's a form of online nationalism or segregation! This confirms that diversity+proximity=war but ofcourse they won't admit that.

After Hillary's AltRight speech, many speculate this is a move to keep the AltRight isolated in the "dark corners" of the Internet where their message cannot reach as many people.

Over the last couple weeks I’ve noticed something a little fishy every time I browse the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Every time I looked, the hashtag would be absolutely overrun with tweets critical of BLM — tweets that could generally be described as ‘alt-rightish‘ in nature.

What’s weird about the BLM hashtag completely overrun by alt-right tweets, you might be wondering? First off, although we may be legion, we aren’t that legion. Furthermore, I’ve witnessed Twitter censoring the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag manually, by hand, for months. In the past, Twitter worked furiously to delete any tweets that were negative of BLM from reaching public visibility. Now, anti-BLM tweets are all that I’m seeing. So what gives?

Opening the hashtag in a private browser session — which disables all previous cookies and doesn’t log one in to any of their accounts — confirmed my suspicions: Twitter is attempting to isolate the alt-right by quarantining us into containment zones, using an advanced form of selective shadow-banning and selective promotion. Let me explain.

When browsing the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag in a private session and without being logged in, all of a sudden the fountain of alt-right tweets had mysteriously dried up. In their place, were tweets that were almost 100% in support of BLM. And more curiously, the alt-right tweets that were showing when I was logged in were not from users which I was even following. I mean, Twitter has always used their algorithm to place relevant tweets from people that you follow higher up in the hashtag results, but this was something different all together. And it wasn’t a side effect from the “quality filter” either, as I had it turned off. But even with it turned on, the alt-right tweets reign supreme when viewing the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

The only logical conclusion I can come up with is that Twitter is using internal data to — most likely through automated means — place users into ideological camps. And then once users are sorted, the true digital segregation begins.

I think there are multiple motives for this revamped method of tweet obfuscation. First and foremost, it is just not feasible to either shadowban or outright ban the entire alt-right. For instance, if one was actually successful in shadow banning the entire alt-right, they would all quit using Twitter — or at least quit using it as much. Twitter just can’t afford that kind of loss, in both power users and revenue. They might hate us, but they’re still desperate for us to use the service.

Instead, Twitter has devised a way to accomplish both primary objectives: a) to retain the userbase and the level of user interaction, and more importantly b) to neuter the alt-right so that they would no longer be able to successfully disseminate their message to normies. They were able to accomplish this by detecting which users are “conservatives”, and then feeding us lots of tweets from other conservatives — tweets that ‘normal’ users aren’t able to see.

And this sort of ideological shadowban is even more dangerous than the normal sort, because a user can’t tell from his impressions and interactions that anything is abnormal. Even worse, it actually makes the platform even more appealing to alt-right users, because it provides us a nice spoon fed hug box of exactly what type of content we want to be reading, anyway. The only problem is that in providing us a tempting circle-jerk, they’ve largely taken away our ability to get the message out to normies and lefties.

None of this is even remotely surprising, as the true intentions of Twitter’s path to censorship was laid bare in the report I had published by Capital Research Center. As their previous methods fail, expect them to roll out more and more ways to fuck with us.


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