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European Jewish Congress President opposes Brexit, claims it conflicts with Jewish interests
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European Jewish Congress President opposes Brexit, claims it conflicts with Jewish interests

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In a recent article, EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor outlined his opposition to Brexit. Unsurprisingly, his reasons are rooted in his perceived ethnic interests.

His reasons for wanting the UK to remain in the European Union are threefold:

I am unequivocally against the exit because of three serious concerns: my love and care for the UK, where I currently live and raise my three sons; my worry about the united Europe; and finally, the obligation vested in me to fight for the wellbeing and security of Jews in Europe. I also believe my opinion is worth hearing because, as a businessperson, I understand the logic of investment decisions. I see that Brexit-related structural and legal uncertainty has been blocking both business decisions and household spending.

Dr. Kantor's phrasing seems to suggest that his "love and care" for the UK is more rooted in self interest – as he states, it's where his family resides – rather than in any sense of concern for preserving the culture, traditions, and demographics of the UK.

Regarding the effect Brexit might have on the UK, he writes:

Brexit will have a strong and long-lasting adverse effect on the UK economy and its standard of living. Here, I completely agree with the vast majority of British economists and experts from the World Bank and IMF. My personal estimates as a stakeholder practically are the same as of HM Treasury. British voters and I need to think about the future of their children and grandchildren. If the UK leaves the EU, they will experience a 6.2% decrease in GDP growth rate by 2030, and the annual losses of each household will reach £4,300. People with lowest incomes and those working in mechanical engineering and the steel industry will suffer the most.

As some economists have noted, GDP has become an increasingly ineffective measure of prosperity.

Regardless of the economic reprecussions – which admittedly may be significant – it's worth mentioning the cultural significance of Brexit. To those in favor, Brexit represents a chance to reclaim sovereignty. It offers the possibility of reversing the ongoing demographic displacement of native Brits in the wake of a seemingly endless horde of third world invaders. Whether or not Brexit offers any real solution to their abhorrent immigration problem is beside the point, as what matters is that those in favor of Brexit would likely trade short-term GDP growth in favor of a more cohesive, non-Islamic society. In other words, Brexit supporters see the opportunity to withdraw from the EU as having benefits that trascend monetary concerns.

Kantor reveals his concern that a Brexit will cause other European nations to follow suit:

While the effect of Brexit on Britain has been thoroughly analysed, there are no reliable financial and economic estimates of what Brexit would mean for the EU. Obviously, the biggest blow for the EU would come if Brexit triggered a domino effect, with other disaffected EU member states choosing to follow the UK. This is a very real scenario. According to a recently released Ipsos/MORI poll, nearly 50% of respondents in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Hungary find this scenario probable. The percentage of Brexit supporters, however, is smaller (Italians 48%, French 41%, Germans 34%, Spanish 26%). Fifty-three per cent of Europeans still believe that the UK will remain in the EU. Nonetheless, Europeans are attracted by the very idea of referendum. Twenty per cent of respondents think that the Commonwealth will become more integrated by 2020, and twice as many – 40% – believe that the ties between EU members will loosen.

In a completely unpredicatable turn of events, the Jewish author includes an ominous reference to the Holocaust:

Looking further, right-wing and left-wing nationalist parties use social, economic and financial woes to gain even more popularity. Nationalists will inevitably be followed by extremists and radicals of all kinds. Europe will find itself back in the 1930s, if not in the Middle Ages. Do we remember what happened after the 1930s - World War II and Holocaust?

Referencing the Holocaust is a common strategy employed by Jews to convince ethnic Europeans that pursuing their own ethnic interests is inherently evil and dangerous. Don't fall for it.

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Kantor manages to link anti-Semitism to Brexit:

For Jews, today’s Europe is Titanic, a sinking ship, and Brexit is a SOS signal for European Jews. For several years already, I have been witnessing an alarming rise in anti-Semitism in Europe. Jews are losing patience. Jews are being attacked more often; fearing for their lives, Jews are leaving Europe in larger numbers. What we are seeing can be named a new Exodus. The most law-abiding and active diaspora is fleeing Europe.

There is no doubt that if the EU gets weaker or collapses under the weight of social, economic and financial troubles, anti-Semitism, one of the most detestable manifestations of xenophobia and extremism, will escalate to the level of regular pogroms, if not to the level of Nazi persecutions. Europe has no comprehensive solution to the issue of anti-Semitism. Although the number of anti-Semitic incidents decreased nearly twice over the past few months, it is only due to additional armed police protection of the places where the Jewish diaspora lives and has its institutions.

I wonder why anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe? Is it because Europeans have finally begun to notice that Jews overwhelmingly support flooding European nations with non-Europeans? Perhaps the best solution to the issue of anti-Semitism would be for Jews in Europe to respect the self-determination and sovereignty of ethnic Europeans – but I think we all know that isn't going to happen.

Finally, the author concludes on an amusingly narcissistic note:

You don’t need to be a visionary to state that Jews are sensitive to rising structural, institutional anti-Semitism, when the entire nation and the State of Israel are being blamed. The remaining Jews are starting to flee Europe to save their families and children. When they leave, Europe will lose a considerable part of its intellectual, moral, ethical, value, and eventually financial potential. Europe will become poorer for centuries. This is an undebatable fact. This is what the world history teaches us.

If history teaches us this, why did National Socialist Germany become one of – if not the – most advanced nations on Earth after removing Jews from the equation? If the Jewish community is so invaluable, where are the long-standing Jewish civilizations? All that comes to mind is one tiny state in the Middle East that can't survive without an embarassing amount of welfare – roughly $10 million per day – from the United States.

While Dr. Kanton is free to entertain whatever notions of Jewish supremacy he might like, it would be prudent for him to remember who needs whom.


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