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Gavin McInnes Claims “Brainwashing Trip” to Israel Only Made Him More Annoyed by Jews
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Gavin McInnes Claims “Brainwashing Trip” to Israel Only Made Him More Annoyed by Jews

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Editor's Note: The article originally stated the audio in question was leaked. In reality, it was taken from The Gavin McInnes show, which is behind a paywall.

It appears that, despite his most sincere efforts, Gavin McInnes is slowly taking to the Jewish Question.

The Rebel Media, run by Jewish media entrepreneur and avowed Zionist Ezra Levant, recently took a trip to Israel – presumably to dispel misconceptions about the embattled Jewish nation.

Before embarking on the trip, Gavin released a video in which he claims to be confused about why Israel is so hated, and decides to book a trip there to figure things out. To his credit, he references both The Culture of Critique and Jewish Supremacism.

The video, titled “Help Gavin McInnes Get to Israel”, also contains a plea for donations.

When I first heard about this trip, I immediately assumed that Ezra Levant wanted to cast Israel in a positive light in order to counteract the growing anti-Semitism in the (also growing) Alt-Right. I also figured that the trip was meant to assuage Gavin’s concerns over Jewish influence.

However, this appears to have backfired.

On a recent episode of The Gavin McInnes Show, Gavin expressed his mounting annoyance with the Jews.

When asked a question about the geopolitical situation in the Levant, Gavin responded by saying:

But...what the fuck is the matter with Jews? We’re here, in a brainwashing trip, to learn how perfect they are...and I’ve been learning is how imperfect they are. I’m becoming more and more annoyed by them.

This confirmed my suspicions about the trip. Ezra didn’t just take his team to Israel just to cover its culture and politics, but to also ensure that Gavin, his charismatic employee, wouldn’t follow the path of Baked Alaska – and many others – by questioning the nature of Jewish influence and subversion in Western nations.

The fact that Gavin referred to all of this as a “brainwashing trip” tells me that he, too, understands Ezra’s intentions regarding the trip.

All of this comes but a few days after The Rebel Media released a hilariously awful video titled “Alt-Right White Nationalists Are Stupid”. Featuring a black guy, the video, as you would expect, fails to even understand basic Alt-Right ideas, let alone refute them. As of now, said video has less than one thousand likes and more than seven thousand dislikes.

Moreover, The Rebel Media recently lost the young and talented Lauren Southern, who has since released a video in which she outlines her future plans as an independent journalist.

What does the future hold for The Rebel Media? Time will only tell, but given the way the wind is blowing, I would advise Ezra to consider the long-term viability of shamelessly promoting Jewish ethnic interests while decrying White Nationalism.


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