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Israel Is Preparing For Alien Invasion - Are The 'Tall White' Aliens Coming?
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Israel Is Preparing For Alien Invasion - Are The 'Tall White' Aliens Coming?


Earlier in the week, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted a training exercise for its Air Force cyber unit, the “Ofek” (Horizon). The training exercise was based on a scenario in which the world is under attack by alien invaders, and IDF tech forces are faced with the challenge of sabotaging the advanced technological systems of attacking alien spacecraft.

Although Lt. Col. Meir, commander of the engineering unit of the IDF website, said the scenario was designed to appeal to the cultural proclivities of its young members, the IDF might have overlooked the fact that conspiracy theorists would likely interpret the unusual training exercise by the military of a country allied with the West as yet another incident of unwitting acknowledgement of UFO and alien threat.

Conducting a training exercise based on alien invasion scenario is bound to draw the attention of members of the alien and UFO conspiracy theory community at a time that online UFOlogists are regularly detecting UFOs in NASA space photos.

But Lt. Col. Meir insisted that the purpose of the exercise was only to impress upon young members of the unit the need for the country to maintain a strong cyber defense capability.

“The goal was to make them understand the importance developing [cyber] defense. We adapted the exercise to Generation Y, which loves challenges. So we prepared the framing story of an alien invasion.”

According to the head of the cyber department Maj. Gil, during the training exercise, teams competed against each other to hack the systems of a hypothetical alien computer network and obtain information from the alien systems while trying to protect IDF systems from the enemy.

Major Gil said, “We wanted them to understand the importance of guarding the secrecy of [air] force information.”

But any conspiracy theorist worth his salt would dismiss these explanations by IDF officials as facile, while posing questions, such as why the IDF is conducting a training exercise for its tech force based on what it officially considers a far-fetched scenario.

Military training exercises tend to be designed to prepare soldiers to react to aggression from a likely adversary by simulating the likely behavior and actions of the adversary in the event of a confrontation.

From a purely technical perspective, IDF’s apparent equation of cyber attacks from a motley crowd of laptop-equipped Hamas hackers with defending Israel against an attack by the fleet of highly advanced extraterrestrial invaders appears rather strained.

How could a training exercise built around a premise that simulates the behavior of an invading extraterrestrial force equipped with “advanced technology of alien spacecraft systems” be construed as the most efficient way to prepare IDF tech forces for cyber attacks from Hamas hackers working in Gaza basements, crouched over barebones equipment, and jumping in fright at every IDF smart missile that hits a building nearby?

Was the IDF merely trying to serve up red meat to the online alien and UFO conspiracy theory rumor mill soon after Iran’s semi-official FARS (Farce?) news agency cited a Russian Federal Security Services (FSB) report based on documents allegedly leaked by Edward Snowden, that the clandestine regime of an extraterrestrial race called the “Tall Whites” controls the U.S. government?

FARS said the secret report issued by Russian Federal Security Services (FSB) revealed that “an alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda is driving U.S. domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945.”

The most stunning revelation from the alleged Snowden files was that President Barack Obama is the current leader of the “Tall White” alien race. The “Tall Whites” supposedly helped the Nazis to gain power in the 1930s and provided technical assistance that helped the Nazis acquire weapons superiority in Europe.

The Obama administration’s recent hissy fit with threats of dire consequences over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s acceptance of an invitation from the House Speaker John Boehner to address the U.S. Congress in March leaves conspiracy theorists with obvious answers to the question why Israel is preparing for an alien invasion.

“We thought we’ve seen everything. But Bibi managed to surprise even us. There are things you simply don’t do. He spat in our face publicly and that’s no way to behave. Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price.”

Look out Bibi! Obama and the “Tall Whites” are coming.



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