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Mike Judge, Idiocracy and the Jewish Suppression of Eugenics
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Mike Judge, Idiocracy and the Jewish Suppression of Eugenics


One of the rare examples of a Hollywood movie that is genuinely good and actually has a powerful, positive message that touches on an important social issue is the 2006 movie Idiocracy, written and directed by the brilliant satirist Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead, Office Space, and King of the Hill fame.

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. This is what the leader of the dysgenic future of America will most likely look like.

The plot is that two people volunteer to be cryogenically frozen in a military hibernation experiment, and the experiment goes wrong, causing them to not be released until well into the future, in 2505. The future is populated by a coffee-colored mass of, well, idiots, due to hundreds of years of dysgenic down-breeding.

Below is the first two minutes of the movie, which shows a hilarious contrast between an intelligent couple that keeps putting off having children until it’s too late, and a White trash moron who impregnates women left and right and pops out dozens of them. It begins with the following voice-over narration:

As the twenty-first century began, human evolution was at a turning point. Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest reproduced in greater numbers than the rest, a process which had once favored the noblest traits of man, now began to favor different traits.

Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent. But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction — a dumbing down. How did this happen? Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence. With no natural predators to thin the herd, it began to simply reward those who reproduced the most and left the intelligent to become an endangered species.

That is, basically, the traditional argument for eugenics, originally derived from Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection by Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton. Whether Judge was versed in the theory of eugenics when he wrote the movie, or whether he had just happened to independently come to the same conclusion as the eugenicists through observing current trends in society, is hard to tell.

If he was aware of eugenics, and the content of the movie suggests that as a good possibility, he must’ve either not been aware of the stigma associated with eugenics, which has become a dirty word in our current world due to the association it has with the so-called Jewish Holocaust, or unaware of the extent of that stigma, or else he just didn’t care.

Eugenics is a dirty word because the Third Reich practiced eugenics, and it led to the mass extermination of millions of Jews and other “undesirables,” so the story goes. This association was cemented into the mind of the public following the highly organized Jewish campaign for promoting the Holocaust in 1967, primarily as a deterrent to anti-Jewish sentiment following the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. John Glad, in his book Jewish Eugenics, explains how

Subsequent to the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, the Holocaust Memorial Movement is launched, with eugenics targeted as the ideology of genocide. So effective is the campaign that polls show that many more Americans can identify the Holocaust than Pearl Harbor or the atomic bombing of Japan. Those who are familiar with the term “eugenics” begin to associate it with “Holocaust” and “racism.”

Glad could hardly be called an anti-Semite, as he is a Jew himself. Ideologically he is pro-eugenics and a universalist, rather than ethnocentric, and, in that eye-opening, thoroughly researched book of his he puts the blame for the suppression of eugenics – in great detail – squarely on his fellow Jews, who have themselves, he writes, “practiced eugenics for millennia.” This is a fact. Eugenics are actually embedded in Talmudic, Jewish religious law. (For more on this see A People That Shall Dwell Alone by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. Also see here and here)

So I guess it should come as no surprise to find out that the Jews in Hollywood did all they could to suppress Idiocracy, to the point where it almost didn’t even get released theatrically, and, when it did, there was virtually no promotion – no trailers, ads, etc. – and it was to a very limited amount of theaters.

Mike Judge spoke to VICE about this controversy in a video interview in 2013. Beginning at around 8:40 he says:

But Idiocracy though, that was, like, really ditching a movie, I mean they, I think it was like maybe 11 theaters they put it in. We locked, finished the movie, put it in the can and it was over a year after that that it came out, so I, by the time they got around to marketing, I was completely out of touch with them.

The Myth of Equality

Idiocracy also inherently challenges another sacred cow of Hollywood propaganda: the myth of equality. The movie puts a strong emphasis on the importance of IQ differences and their relation to biological inheritance. A taboo topic, to be sure. Because, as we know, everyone – Blacks and Whites, men and women, rich and poor – must always be considered exactly equal to everybody else, without exception. Any suggestion to the contrary, no matter how scientifically or logically sound, is simply unfit for polite society. Yet Judge courageously smashes through this silly myth by the deployment of unflinching satire – the most powerful weapon of all in combating the lies of the left – with devastating effectiveness.

If anyone hasn’t seen the movie, I recommend doing so. I can almost guarantee you will like it, as it is very witty and funny (though it may be a bit too silly and over-the-top for some, depending on your taste). The entire movie is on YouTube here.

Eugenics and Conspiracy Theories

Ironically, Judge was also interviewed by the pro-Jew, anti-eugenics conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and they also touched on this topic.

Beginning at 27:40:

Conspiracy types use the word “eugenics” to refer to their theory of a secret plan by Satan-worshipping Nazis that want to depopulate 90% of the earth, using poisonous airplane exhaust and other super secret evil methods. This issue has been dealt with already, so I will not rehash the arguments against it, but needless to say it is utter nonsense.

Their conspiratorial version of eugenics is basically the same as the fantasy, mainstream Jewish version, where it’s claimed that the Nazis herded defectives into buses and gassed them with diesel fumes (an impossibility) and then conducted all kinds of evil and weird medical experiments, eventually killing 6 million Jews in gas chambers and turning their remains into lampshades, soap and fertilizer. The conspiracy movement is kosher to the core, and does nothing but serve Jewish interests by pushing stupid gibberish such as this. They claim to be against the system, yet at the same time push the exact same narrative as the mainstream, except taking it even farther by claiming that Nazis are somehow still running the show.

Why the Nazis would promote anti-Nazi propaganda 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, while they are running things behind the scenes, is never explained. Also, if there’s a Nazi conspiracy, why the New World Order powers coalesced during World War II to absolutely destroy Nazi Germany is also never explained.

Fortunately, not many who follow alternative media are still dumb enough to believe that our enemies are actually Nazis, rather than Jews.

Eugenics….Are They Really Bad?

Like many other topics in today’s world, one is left scratching their head while studying eugenics and seeing the disconnect between what we are told and what actually is.

Eugenics was designed as a system for the betterment of society, the minimizing of suffering, the lowering of crime, and the strengthening of living standards for future generations, and is based upon objective science. Yet what we are led to believe in our post-WWII society is that it is nothing but a slippery slope to evil and genocide, and those who advance and promote it are seen as hate-crazed racists at worst and misguided at best. Reality has been inverted.

This seeming anomaly makes much more sense once you add in the Jew factor though, as what strengthens the White race – and eugenics surely would – is bad for Jews, and what weakens the White race – as dysgenics surely does – is good for Jews. This is a fact that simply can’t be denied by anyone with any intelligence who takes an objective look at Jewish behavior and how the world really works.

As far as Hitler and the National Socialists, the Jews had already absolutely destroyed their country and taken over many of its top institutions before Hitler had come to power, so conflict between the two was inevitable, and it was initially instigated by the Jews.

In the years leading up to 1933 the Jews had been using their media influence to divide and poison the minds of the Germans with anti-German and Marxist propaganda; they had been leading the Communist party which was trying to incite a violent revolution paralleling the Jewish Bolsheviks who took over Russia in 1917 and then brutally tortured, murdered and starved millions of the elites in the name of “equalizing” the Russian people; it was Jews who had disseminated the demoralizing propaganda and led the workers’ strikes on munition factories that caused Germany to lose World War I – a war that Hitler fought valiantly in from start to finish – and it was Jewish bankers who had plundered the German economy, causing hyper-inflation that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths of German civilians from starvation and suicide.

Hitler, like any honorable man, was wholeheartedly opposed to all of this, so he fought tooth and nail to defend his people and return his beloved nation to its former glory, free of the Jewish parasite that had proven itself to be hostile and disloyal to Germany and the German people.

Because of his open anti-Semitism, the Jews declared war on Germany as soon as Hitler took power, before any anti-Jewish policies had even been enacted. Hitler then began systematically passing laws to force the Jews out of positions of power and influence and he dismantled usurious Jewish banking houses such as the Rothschild dynasty and others. This obviously made the Jews feel very unwelcome – as it was meant to – and so they were leaving Germany in droves. Many went to America, and many went to Palestine and elsewhere.

Needless to say, this treatment was a great embarrassment for the Jews and caused them to develop a deep, burning hatred toward Germany and as a result they were – and still are – willing to make up any lie necessary to have the Third Reich, and its memory – and anyone else who would resist their tyranny – demonized and destroyed. The lies told about eugenics have little to nothing to do with the German-Jewish conflict of the 30s and 40s and, as we have seen, weren’t even invented until 20+ years after the end of the war. They are an outgrowth of the ongoing Jewish hatred of White gentiles, who they view as all potential Nazis that must be destroyed.

Historian and Eugenicist Lothrop Stoddard visited Hitler’s Germany in 1939 and reported on what he saw in the book Into the Darkness: Nazi Germany Today. In that book, he gives the reasons for Germany’s eugenics policies, and their aims, through firsthand knowledge:

When the Nazis came to power, Germany was biologically in a bad way. Much of her best stock had perished on the battlefields of the Great War. But those war losses were surpassed by others during the post-war period, due to the falling birth-rate. Economic depression, mass-unemployment, hopelessness for the future, had combined to produce a state of mind in which Germans were refusing to have children. The birth-rate dropped so fast that the nation was no longer reproducing itself. Furthermore, the lowest birth-rates were among those elements of highest social value. The learned and professional classes were having so few children that, at this rate, they would rapidly die out. At the other end of the scale, the opposite was true. Morons, criminals, and other anti-social elements were reproducing themselves at a rate nine times as great as that of the general population. And those lowest elements were favored in their breeding by the welfare measures of the Weimar regime. Statistics indicate that it cost far more to support Germany’s defectives than it did to run the whole administrative side of Government—national, provincial, and local. As the Nazis saw it, they had a two-fold task: to increase both the size and the quality of the population. Indiscriminate incentives to big families would result largely in more criminals and morons. So they coupled their encouragements to sound citizens with a drastic curb on the defective elements.

To stand in opposition to the implementation of eugenics policies, such as those described above, is obviously insane, and literally suicidal for a nation. The only reason our society frowns upon eugenics is because our society is controlled by Jews, and as such the basis of our negative perception of the science is not driven by rationality – as most have no idea what it actually even is – it is driven by Jewish lies. Like everything that the Jews don’t like because it is good for Whites, they just claim it inevitably leads to lampshades and Holocausts, and is therefore off limits to even contemplate.

The main reason people don’t know what eugenics really is and are therefore unable to come to a rational opinion in regard to it, is because the other side of the debate over them is ruthlessly suppressed by the liberal Jew media, just as innumerable other big lies. Whatever is good for Whites and bad for Jews – from eugenics, all the way to the belief that White people should not be wiped off of the face of the planet – is simply shouted down as being “Nazi.”

Yes, if you simply care about the future of White children, you will be labeled a “Nazi.” You have to roll over and let your race perish to avoid that label. You have to let your race be degraded into a disgusting cesspool of fat Walmart shoppers that ride around in little carts so they don’t break their ankles trying to get at a tub of Ice Cream, and you must not object to having our borders wide open to hordes of violent subhumans who hate our guts and will slaughter every single one of us wholesale as soon as they’re given half a chance, if you want to avoid that label.

Therefore, unless you are on board with the White genocide program led by the Jews, being called a Nazi is clearly a compliment, and fighting to have every policy associated with Nazism implemented ASAP, virtually a sacred duty.

The logic in favor of eugenics requires only very basic, common sense. Not practicing it is insane and apocalyptic for any people, anywhere.


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