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Narrative Control Madness
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Narrative Control Madness

By Mundilfury

When world events spiral out of control, it’s tempting to log into your normie social media account to check up on how your friends are coping with the latest crisis. Some are silent or unaware, and others offer up saccharine hopes and prayers to the latest victims of the recent explosion, brutal massacre or social justice warrior freak-out. The latter grouping often posts stories that adhere to mainstream media orthodoxy. If this happens to you, like it happens to the present author, it’s best to take a deep breath and think of some positives before you defenestrate your laptop or consume large quantities of chocolate to stave off nihilistic despair (please see Lana’s video on natural ways to help combat depression).

On 29 January 2017, events in Québec City, Québec, Canada, turned violent and confounding. This time it wasn’t hockey related fisticuffs either. Initial reports stated that multiple gunmen stormed a Mosque (Centre Culturel Islamique de Ste-Foy), and opened fire with semi-automatic weapons. Some witnesses even reported that the assailants shouted “Allahu Akbar” while they let fly with what looked like AK-47s. It was revealed later that at least one of the shooters employed an AK-47 look-a-like weapon called a CZ-858. Multiple people were killed, scores of Muslim worshippers were wounded; and subsequently, everyone was confused.  Initial reports of multiple gunmen shouting “Allahu Akbar” were retroactively amended: there was only one gunman who was a White nationalist who hated Muslims and everyone else. The second alleged assailant was miraculously transformed over a 12 hour police interrogation session from a gun wielding maniac into a “witness.” Le Journal De Québec provided a handy timeline, en français, to guide its readers through the chaos as best they could.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, just prior to the shooting, Justin Trudeau and the inner circle of his Globalist Justice League were prepared to counter-signal Trump with extreme prejudice. It would be glorious, wouldn’t it? Just when God-Emperor Trump was being a great big meanie to the world’s peace-loving Muslim population (who love petting little lambs and who refrain from slaughtering innocent hams) by way of his executive order on refugees and visas, Justin was getting ready to don his cape, swoop in, and morally signal that he (and to a lesser extent, Canada itself) was the moral hyperpower of the entire planet. Justin was even ready to pass new Islamophobia legislation in Parliament (what could go wrong with that?). President Trump, after all, had the temerity to suggest that the citizenry of the United States had the right to articulate who they wanted to let into their own country. Then something terrible happened, something that would reinforce what Trump was doing.  An eruption of Muslim violence in Canada?! Allahu Akbar?? Gunmen!? That would ruin everything. One of the assailants thankfully had a White French Canadian name, Alexandre Bissonette, but the other Muslim sounding name, Mohamed Belkhadir, would be a problem that had to be explained away. Quick, to the narrative enforcement mobile!

That’s when the narrative started to change, and funny thing, it adhered to that old hackneyed refrain: White Canadians are the problem. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the rest of the mainstream media is concerned with protecting the official narrative that pervades the West. The narrative is that Muslims are victims, not terrorists; White Canadians are racists; and anyone concerned about unfettered Muslim immigration or open borders is a bigoted Nazi. Even before the Trudeau narrative control team officially altered the story, there were many in the mainstream media ready to chalk this one up to “Islamophobia.” There were others, including a Muslim Québec politician, who blamed the incident on President Donald Trump.  The original version of events was flensed within an inch of its life, and witness statements were discounted to reveal that Alexandre Bissonette was the sole gunman. For a good example of the prevailing dispensation’s narrative, have a look at CBC journalist Neil MacDonald’s unabashed cuckoldry here. You may have to fumigate your computer after reading that one, whew. In the words of the Council for European Canadians’ official twitter account “[the] Dishonest #CBC is now mixing non-Whites and converts to make terrorism stick to Old Stock Canadians #LyingPress”

Aside from the CBC itself, Trudeau’s own Director of Communications, Kate Purchase, even wrote to Fox News, on 31 January 2017, to make sure that they had the proper version of the story. Purchase subsequently posted the email on Twitter over the course of three tweets. She enforced the Trudeau ministry’s preferred narrative and hit all her key points: she emphasised that the only gunman involved in the incident was a French Canadian; that Fox News was wrong to report that there were multiple shooters including one from Morocco; that Canada is an open, welcoming country; and a multicultural nation comprised of millions of immigrants and refugees. Ironically, Purchase goes on to accuse Fox of engaging in identity politics, while she was pushing anti-White identity politics of her own: “These tweets by Fox News dishonour the memory of the six victims and their families by spreading misinformation, playing identity politics, and perpetuating fear and division within our communities.” A sinister implication here is that reporting on facts that challenge the prevailing narrative is irresponsible. She even threw brickbats at president Donald Trump for good measure: “If we allow individuals and organizations to succeed by scaring people, we do not actually end up any safer. Fear does not make us safer. It makes us weaker. Ramping up fear and closing our borders is not a solution.”

The MSM often fails to ask key questions such as to what extent is our very high per-capita immigration intake responsible for crime and violence? Was this particular incident a result of a rivalry between different Muslim communities in Québec City? It seems to be up to alternative media sites like Red Ice and The Rebel along with independent researchers to answer these questions. It is encouraging, however, that the anti-White, Europhobic establishment is forced to work at 99% capacity just to maintain narrative control (please see Henrik’s excellent interview with Counter-Current’s own Greg Johnson where they discuss this very notion). Despite their tremendous influence and resources, the power of the MSM continues to wane as the Alt-Right, the Alt-Lite and alternative news websites gain strength. Does that mean that we’re better than our normie friends? No.  And by “no” I mean “yes.”


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