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NYT: The “Religion of Whiteness” Threatens World Peace
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NYT: The “Religion of Whiteness” Threatens World Peace


Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, 31 August 2018

The New York Times, has become the home for spiteful attacks on whites. On August 2, the paper defended elevating Sarah Jeong to its editorial board despite her tweets about “dumbass fu**ing white people” and looking forward to their extinction. Today, not even one month later, the Times has published yet another Asian who warns that whiteness is “a suicide cult” and a horrifying threat to world peace.

Miss Jeong’s appointment memorialized the double standard: Disrespect for protected classes is vile but contempt for whites is fine. Today’s article, by a sub-continental Indian named Pankaj Mishra, sets forth another Times-approved principle: Any measure whites take to preserve their nations or their traditions menaces the entire world.

Mr. Mishra’s article, called “The Religion of Whiteness Becomes a Suicide Cult,” pours particular scorn on the whites who live in what he calls “the Anglosphere:” Britain, Canada, Australia, and the United States. This is an ungrateful choice: Mr. Mishra is a novelist and essayist in the language of the Anglosphere, and is a recipient of the Windham-Campbell Literature Prize from Yale, worth $150,000 and perhaps the richest prize of its kind in the world.

Mr. Mishra begins by attacking the softest possible target: an 18th century Australian no one has heard of named Charles Henry Pearson who wrote about the need to make sure “the higher races” defend against dispossession by the “black and yellow races.” Today it’s easy to spit on men like Pearson and their racial hierarchies, but how could they possibly have been egalitarians? Europeans invented and ruled the modern world, with no rival in sight. Would the Chinese or Mr. Mishra’s own Indians have been more modest if they had achieved half of what whites did?

But Charles Pearson just sets the stage for today’s “white supremacist,” Donald Trump. Mr. Mishra claims that the “Anglosphere” went on to “jointly forge an identity geopolitics of the ‘higher races,’ ” and that: “today it has reached its final and most desperate phase, with existential fears about endangered white power feverishly circulating . . . .” And what is the evidence of this fevered state? President Trump was not uniformly reviled when he said in a speech, “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.” Merely to ask whether the West can survive—not to rule or dominate, merely to survive—is to rekindle white supremacy and imperialist arrogance.

Please read Jared Taylor’s entire essay at American Renaissance.



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