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Please Help Persecuted South African Whites
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Please Help Persecuted South African Whites

Whites in South Africa are now having their farms and land stolen from them by the racist South African government without compensation. White South Africans of all ages are being horrifically massacred every day. Black South African politician Julius Malema brazenly says that they are not calling for the killing of all whites in South Africa “yet.” These crimes against White South Africans cannot be tolerated and we have a moral duty to speak out against them!

Please call or write to President Trump immediately about this matter. Fox News recently did a story about this. Trump made a non-committal tweet about the issue.

That isn’t enough! The South African government must be SANCTIONED for its criminal, racist, and genocidal policies! Additionally, White South Africans must be allowed to come to the US as political refugees for their own safety! This is an emergency situation.

You can contact the president through the form at the link below:

You can call the comment line:


Or you can write to:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Please be respectful, polite, and stay on point in your calls, e-mails or letters.

Suggested talking points:

President Trump must do something about the criminal genocidal policies against Whites in South Africa! We ask that he apply punitive sanctions against the government of South Africa immediately. We ask that he immediately issue an executive order recognizing South African Whites fleeing persecution as political refugees, and giving them the right to stay in the US, because of the emergency situation now taking place.

South African whites are high-skilled, educated, and are hard workers, who would contribute to America in a positive way! They cannot be compared to illegal immigrants from Mexico who violated US law to enter this country. We strongly support the wall, and the deportation of all aliens from the third world, at the same time. The situation of Whites in South Africa is entirely different.

Trump may be concerned that the media will call him a “racist,” if he is seen as openly helping persecuted whites in South Africa. Our response should be, so what? They ALREADY HATE him. He has nothing to lose. They are already saying he is racist. He might as well give amnesty to Whites fleeing South Africa, and he might as well sanction the South African government. He stands to lose zero votes from Republicans, Conservatives, and true Christians in the US by doing so. Only people who already hate Trump, and who hate white people generally, are going to be angry with him for assisting South African Whites. He has no reason to care what they think, and what they think should not matter. They were not going to vote for him anyway. In fact, why not pay them back? This will make them angry, don’t they deserve a little payback? In summation, Trump should do this because:

1. It is the morally right thing to do. It is an urgent humanitarian crisis that cannot wait!

2. It will not cost him any support among people who did vote for him or who might vote for him. It will only energize his core support base.

3. It will piss off his personal enemies. The media attacks him every single day. This is a way to give them a good slap across the face. Don’t they deserve one?

Thank you!

Europa Unitas Movement

EFF's Malema talk about Trump focus on the issue of expropriation of White farm land. He also denies farm murders and also says that "Jews that are training White right-wingers in Pretoria to snipe black people."



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