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Revenge of the Hostile Elite
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Revenge of the Hostile Elite

By Mundilfury

The most recent presidential campaign in the United States of America was a relentless war of attrition between two colossal foes. Despite the Democrats’ and the mainstream media’s war of hatred against Donald Trump, he was victorious. His canny and often devastating use of Twitter along with mass rallies were two important keys to his success. The war was also waged in the realm of social media by the Alt Right’s twitter army, in Discuss comment sections, on online message boards, and by independent news and research groups like Wesearchr, Got News, and Red Ice TV. These rhetorical battles were often planned, coordinated, and executed with efficiency. The soldiers of the Alt-Right worked individually as well, in their own way, to spread the word, disrupt the machinations of the left, and decry Hillary Clinton’s corruption.

During the lead-up to the election, the mainstream media (MSM) and the Clinton campaign were bombarded by daily Wikileaks revelations that hit them hard.  Although the MSM didn’t cover the leaks because they themselves were implicated in them, the word still got out to the public through alternative news and research websites and social media. Other groups like Project Veritas added insult to injury when they provided first hand video coverage of Democratic National Congress (DNC) voter fraud initiatives and “bird-dogging” tactics. The Left, including the MSM, was confounded by this groundswell of opposition and were sent reeling by it. The “Fake News” sobriquet emerged as both the DNC and the MSM tried in desperation to fight back.

“Fake News” is a meme that was initially seeded by the American MSM (the Lügenpresse) and the DNC into the culture in a pathetic attempt at deflection.  The reason for their frantic attempts to salvage a modicum of credibility in this way is obvious: there is a mountain of primary source evidence detailing how they colluded with the Clinton campaign. Ironically, the MSM are guilty of jaunisme (yellow journalism) and being fake news propagandists themselves while alternative news sites are getting things right.

Another similar tactic that was invoked towards the end of the election, and still persists to this day, was Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia. It has been documented, thanks to WikiLeaks, that the DNC was prepared to use this line of attack back in April 2016. It is a fabrication that used accusations levelled at a former Rand Paul policy advisor, named Dimitri Simes, as source material: “We don’t have a ton on Simes, but the pro-Russia stuff ties in pretty well to idea [sic] that Trump is too friendly with Putin/weak on Russia.”

Despite these relentless attacks, the hostile elites were dealt a tremendous body blow when Trump emerged from the smoldering battlefield triumphant, figuratively bloodied, but unbroken.  After an initial period of lamentation, the Left was out for revenge, however, and their campaign has been vicious. Through their countless outlets and acolytes, they wage an unrelenting war against any hint of identitarian thought, anything resembling White identity politics, and any shred of nationalism.

At the recent Identitarian Ideas conference in Stockholm, Sweden, organized by Daniel Friberg, Millennial Woes provided an excellent summary of attacks on the Alt-Right over the course of the winter: Richard Spencer was attacked; high profile members of The Right Stuff (TRS) were doxed; Millennial Woes himself was libelled in the Scottish gutter press and his identity revealed; there was the controversy with Mike Enoch (also with TRS); and Twitter has been more insidious and unpredictable with their censorship. Even prior to election night, on 8 November 2016, major Alt-Right election influencers such as Ricky Vaughn and others were shut down. In the run-up to the election, The Right Stuff’s Fash the Nation podcast, hosted by Jazzhands McFeels and Marcus Halberstram, was starting to have a profound influence on the culture: it was the top rated political podcast on Soundcloud in which the hosts provided in-depth information and analysis. Hence their post-election disappearance undoubtedly under unrelenting pressure from the establishment’s minions.The very same can be said for the hosts of The Daily Shoah as Mike Enoch, Seventh Son, Ghoul, and Bulbasaur were all doxed by establishment henchmen.

Many such examples of vindictive revenge have characterized the post-election period. Predictably, the MSM has continued its hostile coverage of Trump and the elites have wasted no time in trying to delegitimize President Trump and his cabinet. Hunter Wallace, of Occidental Dissent and, has pointed to a recent survey of MSM media outlets in the Washington post: the overwhelming coverage of Trump since his inauguration has been hostile. Michael Flynn was forced to step down despite revelations that Obama’s cadre were the ones guilty of shady dealings in that regard. Jeff Sessions has been under attack in recent weeks, and the list goes on.

Daniel Friberg, CEO of Arktos media, in his book, The Real Right Returns, offers great advice for the politically harassed and for those who want to contribute to the Alt-Right/Nationalist cause. Friberg and the other organizers of the Identitaran Ideas conference (attended by Red Ice’s own Henrik and Lana) took excellent and necessary steps to conceal the location of the event. Ramzpaul speaks to those measures in a recent video and to the conference’s success.

Why would such steps be necessary? Why are these attacks so heavy? The hostile elites are hiding things that could very well bring down their entire rotten edifice. It is the present author’s contention that the elite, including the MSM, are desperately trying to maintain control of the narrative for power and control, but also to conceal. They are desperately trying to conceal the truth about race realism, the joys of family life, the innovation and Promethean/Faustian spirit of White European people, the positive character of nationalism, and the reality of natural gender identities.

Not only are they concealing the positive truth of nationalist thought, they are concealing their own depravity, corruption, and violence. The almost unspeakable revelations of pizzagate, spirit cooking sessions, and the recent slew of arrests made in the United States that incarcerated child traffickers; the near-prescient characterization of multicultural Sweden by President Trump (as presented by Henrik Palmgren); the ongoing migrant crisis let alone the disastrous adherence to the multi-cult; carbon pricing wealth transfer schemes; toxic feminism (the subject of Lana Lokteff’s talk); transgenderism; organized political corruption; and weaponized protestation and many other examples are proof of the elite’s nihilism and calculated narrative control. The Alt-Right, however, has seen through their attempts at obfuscation. Ideally, the logic and eloquence of debate is a virtuous thing especially between ideological opponents who agree to be civil and to abide by the rules of comportment; but in this milieu, those rules mean nothing. Those days are gone. We must rhetorically fight, we must fight to win for our future and the future of our children. 

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