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Should the Protestant Ethic Become the Spirit of the Alt Right?
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Should the Protestant Ethic Become the Spirit of the Alt Right?


Whites will become a minority within a few decades in all their main homelands. The question is no longer how to prevent becoming a minority but how to survive in order to regain majority status. 

A few months ago I noted that easy going comfort is the main factor behind the decline of masculinity in the West and that only an atmosphere of conflict and hardship in childhood will strengthen Westerners to fight against the occupation of their lands. Hardship and healthy stress within a returning patriarchal family can produce the epigenetic effects on young boys necessary to engender the vitality and morale to reverse their extinction. 

But contrary to perceptions in the manosphere, toughness is only one side of a successful counter revolution. Whites will also need to drill into themselves and their children a nationalist version of the Protestant/Calvinist ethos that made possible the immense creative outburst of Europeans in the modern era leading to the acquisition of entire new continents. 

What could an ethos, a "calling" to engage in self-control and disciplined work as an end in itself, associated with the rise of capitalism, and explained in terms of the "inner loneliness" and "anxiety" produced upon believers by the Calvinist teaching of predestination, say about White survival? 

Weber's essay, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, published in 1904, is one the most debated essays in history. The consensus nowadays is that, however high the quality of this essay, the avalanche of writings against it, with Marxists playing a leading role, successfully invalidated its argument. I accepted this invalidation until very recently. I can see now that the arguments against Weber applies primarily to the strictly religious aspects of his thesis. To what degree did he do justice to Catholicism? To what extent did the English Puritans believe in predestination? Did Calvinism really served to justify the accumulation of wealth and a behaviour defined as capitalist? 

The importance of Weber's thesis goes well beyond his effort to connect the development of rational capitalism with the Calvinist doctrine of predestination. What makes his work a timeless classic, or what should make it so from an alt right perspective, is its observation that only Western men, among all religious believers in history, promoted a "this-worldly" religion, which introduced a drive to mastery in worldly affairs by means of a systematic ordering of every aspect of one's life starting with self-mastery over "everything impulsive and irrational, the passions and the subjective interests of the natural man." 

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