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SPLC: The Battle of New Orleans (That Wasn’t)
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SPLC: The Battle of New Orleans (That Wasn’t)


Sadly, I’m afraid the SPLC isn’t what it used to be:

“Last weekend, a motley crew of far-right groups assembled at New Orleans’ Lee Circle to protest the city’s removal of Confederate monuments. Bearing all manner of insignias, from the Confederate Battle Flag, Klan logos, Civil War kepis, Norse runes, the flag of “Kekistan,” the Gadsden flag, to U.S. flags, all were prepared for a brawl.

The highly touted “Battle of New Orleans” was by all accounts a disappointment. The flaggers’ desire to pre-emptively name a “battle” where one would not occur, and to nevertheless claim victory is evidence of a strategy at play by the far-right that emerged after “The Battle of Berkeley” last month. That same strategy is now in play with many along the racist right, including one of Sunday’s event attendees, Brad Griffin, who writes under the pen name Hunter Wallace. …”

A few points:

1.) The SPLC made mountains out of molehills about my relationship with Dr. Hill and the League of the South. I was simply saying that the League ought to be better at exploiting social media. As we saw in New Orleans and Pikeville, we have dramatically improved on that front since 2015.

2.) It is true that I was critical of the turn toward militias and militancy in the movement. It is also true that subsequent events later proved that I was wrong. I’m happy to admit that I was wrong. Several months of violent, rampaging antifa attacks all across the United States and Europe has proven that we need to be much more mindful of our security at public events.

3.) I’ve known Richard Spencer in real life since 2009. I have known other people who were involved with the Alt-Right and White Nationalism long before that. In fact, I knew all these people before I got involved with the League of the South in 2012. So what?

Read the rest at Occidental Dissent.


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