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Star Friends throughout the Universe
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Star Friends throughout the Universe

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It is not always easy to walk the path of enlightenment. Those who tell you that it is are promoting illusions and know not of what they speak. A real master will give you a real reflection. These realities take some time to get accustomed too. As Osho and Shab say, enlightenment is instant…in fact it is already the case, but with the Minds we carry around, there will be some serious issues to deal with in bringing everything into alignment. The insights go on and on. If you are looking for a cessation of realization and a place to rest, it is best to go back to sleep and enjoy the bliss of ignorance.

Once you hear the call of truth, nothing will ever be the same. Though the Mind will again and again seek to coax you back into the shadows, stay strong in your practice. The journey is arduous, but there are many rewards along the way. The most important of which, is that whatever you find is truly yours. Those who accept ready made answers and simple systems rob themselves of everything that is most precious in life. Anyone who attempts to convince you of trite solutions to profound questions is not a friend. A friend takes responsibility for the truth and tells it to you unembellished.

As you dig deeper and deeper, you will be amazed. The mystery keeps getting more involved and the intricacies of who you are begin to be revealed. First you unravel this life…the pains and programs. You feel a freedom that previously was not even conceived of as being possible. This is only available if you get some space from the Mind and use provocations as a call to awareness instead of an excuse to take something personally and react. This is an intense discipline. You must realize that it is in your own best interest to dismantle the Ego, for it is the only way to truly make room for the Heart.

Just wait until your past lives start floating to the surface. Can you handle re-experiencing your own murder? How about being a slave, a prisoner, or feeling the loneliness of a tyrant? We have played many, many roles and to remember we have to get distance from the details, otherwise it will overwhelm us. After all, many have a hard time simply coping with this life and our current action’s consequences. Seeing the grander scope of our soul’s travels, we will see longer term lessons that have followed us all along. When we recover consciousness, we can finish a multitude of karmic cycles.

This is not all. We are still closer to the beginning than the end. This just brings us to who we are and what we are doing here and does not even yet get into the cosmic secrets and mysteries being whispered from one star to the next throughout the vastness of space. Some of us come from the Earth, so the plethora of lives here will be their main experience, but many of us come from other star systems. In these places, we have different bodies and exist on other planes of existence. We have many friends throughout the universe who are waiting to say hello.

~Christopher Moors

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