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Sweden to increase immigration even further
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Sweden to increase immigration even further

Comment: THIS is how White genocide looks like, in Sweden.

Today the Swedish immigration bureau announced that they are once again revising the expected number of asylum seekers for 2015, this time upping the expectation by 16 000 to a total of upwards 105 000. The reason is continued unrest in the middle east, which together with northern Africa makes up the bulk of Swedish immigration.

This presents a problem, the bureau says, because there is already a costly housing shortage. There are currently over 10 000 immigrants housed in the temporary living quarters intended for their processing, that cannot leave the government facilities despite having received their visas because there simply isn’t any available housing. This number is now expected to grow to 20 000.

In addition to the 105 000 asylum seekers, there are about as many more expected for family and work reasons. Unlike other western countries, a significant portion of work visas for are granted for dishwashers, cleaners and other unskilled labor. Although there have been scandals with employers selling “employment” to countrymen wishing to immigrate, the bureau is largely turning a blind eye.

With the middle east showing few signs of settling down, it seems all but certain the total number for 2015 will exceed 200 000 when all is said and done.

Sweden is a small country of about 9,7 million as of July 2014. A decade ago, in 2004, that number was 9 million even. The increase can be pretty much entirely attributed to immigration, as reported by the Swedish Census Bureau:

(Source: SCB, graphs courtesy of Affes Statistikblogg)

The only party opposing this level of immigration is nationalist party Sverigedemokraterna (SD). The other seven parties are in agreement to either maintain or increase immigration even further, with some parties pushing for completely unregulated immigration.

SD more than doubled it’s mandate in the September elections, but is a long way from achieving single majority required to effect a change in policy.



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