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The Milan March for Open Borders
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The Milan March for Open Borders


Milan, which is Italy’s financial and economic hub, is now very much like any other major global city: blandly cosmopolitan, deracinated and geared towards nouveau riche tourists. In the December 2016 referendum the affluent Lombard capital was one of the very few places in which a majority voted in favour of the centre-left government’s constitutional reform proposals. Like London and indeed many other cities, Milan seems disconnected from the rest of the country and losing its indigenous character and charm.

It was thus fitting that on May 20 thousands of snobby liberals, carpetbaggers, hypocrites and their third world foot soldiers marched in downtown Milan to demand rights for migrants, social inclusion and a world without walls. A list of the individuals and organisations taking part or backing the event is a veritable rogues’ gallery of Italy’s globalist pro-mass immigration establishment.

Mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala (Partito Democratico)

Caught between his party’s blue collar voters and its liberal metropolitan wing, Sala initially could not decide whether to attend the march as a private individual or in an official capacity as mayor of Milan. In the end he donned his tricolour sash and showed up as mayor. After all, without cheap migrant labour who else is going to mind the kids of his well-off liberal metro voters and clean their apartments for a pittance? Heaven forbid, with strict immigration controls they would have to pay a couple more Euros more an hour to get an Italian to do it. Interestingly, Partito Democratico leader and former Premier Renzi was apparently in Milan but did not attend the march.

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